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  1. Finding Myself as a Subject
  2. Joy in a Tree: A series on one tree and the folks that enjoy it too!
  3. Expression in Photography Series by Charlotte Thompson
  4. Portraits of Children Series by Charlotte Thompson
  5. Neutrals in Erotica
  6. Using extremely familiar shapes and objects to evoke select feelings.
  7. Tweed
  8. what I see
  9. Why I'll Never Be A Wedding Photographer
  10. What I saw walking the dog this morning
  11. Rachel's Scenic Journey
  12. Tawny in Green
  13. Brush Fire
  14. Fireworks on the water
  15. Looking at War
  16. The Eddie Lens. Like an explosion in a mattress factory!
  17. 1st Try at Concert Photography
  18. 512's
  19. the strangeness in nature
  20. the eyes
  21. More product shots
  22. Morning Walk
  23. book cover
  24. Available light fashion shoot: My start: Behind a New York Hotel!
  25. Light project
  26. Nature within city
  27. Toe in water....
  28. Almost a snapshot but hopefully a little better
  29. wedding pics... dare I share
  30. Risking it.....
  31. Dorothea Lange comparison
  32. Halloween Nostalgia
  33. Muted
  34. Composite
  35. The Sexual Female
  36. 2 weeks old
  37. my first photo post...
  38. frustration and maybe results...?
  39. I just sold my first photo
  40. Critique Desired: Culverts - a work in process
  41. Critique Desired: The Kiss
  42. Critique Desired: Latino
  43. Critique Desired: Remington typewriter
  44. Critique Desired: Cobblestone road
  45. Critique Desired: A watershed print
  46. Critique Desired: death personified
  47. Question: New Bio Portrait
  48. Critique Desired: Shadows & Cranes Version 2.0
  49. Critique Desired: Trying to catch the wind....
  50. The Air blew off the candles
  51. The Air blew off the Candles
  52. Critique Desired: This Soul
  53. Critique Desired: Texture
  54. Critique Desired: Two Souls Last Winter
  55. Fallen
  56. Take-off…
  57. Critique Desired: Sweet Dark Kitty
  58. My Christmas Card!
  59. My Christmas Card
  60. Critique Desired: An Oracle's Moment
  61. Storm Clouds
  62. Critique Desired: Beautiful Virginia
  63. Still Life: Conceptual work with two Etruscan Chess Pieces: "Marital Games."
  64. Critique Desired: Covered Light
  65. Ornaments (Hee)
  66. Critique Desired: Origins
  67. Critique Desired: Alain Inspired
  68. I have no title for this...
  69. Of Shadows and Snow
  70. Late the other evening
  71. Critique Desired: The Man Who Plants Cantaloupe Seeds Extracted
  72. Steps...
  73. Critique Desired: Washington DC
  74. Critique Desired: Black and white....
  75. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: Is a fuzzy old world: London Blurred , an ongoing study!
  76. Kirsty
  77. Critique Desired: Relaxing
  78. Green waters of the Puget Sound
  79. Critique Desired: Not a typical butterfly shot...
  80. Critique Desired: New Life
  81. Critique Desired: Compositional Elements in Scenics
  82. A Time Worn Bible and an Unusual Wrist Watch
  83. Rowan
  84. Bedroom decor
  85. Critique Desired: timmie 2 portraits
  86. Critique Desired: Childen Having Fun
  87. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: The Shadow of Asleep and Awake
  88. My Portraits with the Canon Digital Rebel
  89. Critique Desired: Summer Water
  90. 5000 years
  91. Critique Desired: Caleidocope 1
  92. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: The Magic Act
  93. Critique Desired: Muse to Each Other
  94. critique please
  95. Critique Desired: Compositional Elements in Still Life
  96. Challenge: Little town USA Architecture: the Church
  97. Critique Desired: Steel
  98. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Thought
  99. Sharing: bubblets
  100. Something a Bit Different
  101. That's Life
  102. Challenge: Put this 1934 Hudson in a nice place for gawdsake! Retouch request!
  103. Critique Desired: A nice B&W shot i took in my backyard
  104. shooting underwater with a fishtank
  105. Critique Desired: Recent Portrait shots....
  106. Critique Desired: test shoot for up coming car show
  107. Light Spiral
  108. Critique Desired: Playing With B&W Conversions
  109. Critique Desired: Thinking outside the box.
  110. Flowers in My Tahiti world
  111. Lost my post???
  112. Critique Desired: self portrait- another attempt.
  113. Rain drops
  114. The Piano Room and Halloween
  115. Photographing my cat's and dogs starting as a beginner: a long term project.
  116. Critique Desired: Few from me....
  117. To catch a train
  118. Alternative Process: milltown hdr canon 50d
  119. Critique Desired: Levitation
  120. Critique Desired: Daily commute, Riga, Latvia
  121. A short zoneplate series
  122. Question: Posting images
  123. Critique Desired: Fine Caricature
  124. Critique Desired: Mannequin glamour
  125. Critique Desired: Old tap that leaks
  126. Critique Desired: Flower silhouette
  127. Critique Desired: Covered alley
  128. Critique Desired: Found Image
  129. Simplicity
  130. Question: High Speed Photography
  131. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Shooting Fast Cars
  132. Critique Desired: Ghostly church
  133. Critique Desired: Thawing
  134. Ron Jon Surf shop
  135. Critique Desired: Urban Firewall?
  136. Critique Desired: Cowgirl Photo.
  137. Critique Desired: Where is it?
  138. Critique Desired: Latin Fashion
  139. Critique Desired: Loco Motion
  140. Critique Desired: Fitness Shoot
  141. Critique Desired: Broken headstone
  142. Critique Desired: A lick of paint and it'll be alright!
  143. Critique Desired: Stairs
  144. A moment grabbed
  145. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) The Country
  146. Critique Desired: Colorado National Monument
  147. Critique Desired: The Umbrellas
  148. Critique Desired: First Attempt at Product photography.
  149. Prom Night
  150. Critique Desired: The Way
  151. Critique Desired: Head Shot
  152. Untitled
  153. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Night Photo
  154. Critique Desired: Cannon shot
  155. Critique Desired: Yellow Rose- night shot
  156. Extract from the western edge 3
  157. Critique Desired: Dead Rose- another night shot.
  158. LF: Reach for the light (a clash of elements)
  159. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Algae with Moss
  160. Critique Desired: Need A.R.S. on this portrait
  161. Critique Desired: Bride looks on...
  162. Critique Desired: A Lovely Young Model in H&S
  163. Critique Desired: No.24
  164. My Portraits - Before I Commit to A photography Degree!
  165. Critique Desired: First image of a new theme, ideas requested
  166. Why We Love the Desert
  167. Critique Desired: New website
  168. Hunt for the last people
  169. Multifunction glass
  170. Learning to walk again
  171. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Sticks by Stones
  172. Soft Focus Achromatic Meniscus Nikon D200
  173. Critique Desired: By my dreams
  174. Critique Desired: Physics and the Path of Least Resistance
  175. Critique Desired: Malibu last week-end
  176. Impromptu motorcycle shoot
  177. In Perspective, Fun: LakeBed - just cracks me up !
  178. Critique Desired: Archer being watched
  179. HDR and Filter Techniques which generates a new kind of 3D-Effect
  180. Question: Eggs
  181. Critique Desired: A work in process! 360 degree Pano and People Constructed Photograph
  182. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) The Cathedral & The Clouds
  183. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Years since a photojournalistic attempt
  184. In Perspective, Planet: Just refreshing the thread..
  185. Peyton Photography
  186. Critique Desired: Composition question
  187. Joy in a Tree: A series on one tree and the folks that enjoy it too!
  188. Joy in a Tree: A series on one tree and the folks that enjoy it too!
  189. Joy in a Tree: A series on one tree and the folks that enjoy it too!
  190. To Do, or Not To Do, That Is The Question ~ Elaine
  191. Interesting how people see things ...
  192. Question: Is there a problem ?
  193. I'm going to pretend to hit you.....
  194. Jingle Bell
  195. Critique Desired: Eagle Owl
  196. Question: Where to go from here?
  197. Question: Cowgirl, LCD Calibration test re-edit
  198. 6 year old portrait-
  199. Critique Desired: Starting a series
  200. LF: Visions on the beach
  201. Critique Desired: Canon 100 mm f 2.8L IS Macro: Still life from found objects.
  202. Critique Desired: A loosely connected series
  203. In Perspective, Fun: Fun with lighting!
  204. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: A Photographer ..... and his footprints..
  205. Shorty G
  206. Floating banana
  207. My niece
  208. Lone Hoop...
  209. An Odd Photo, but So What . .
  210. Photon capture
  211. Triptychs
  212. Critique Desired: What defines a good photo? -> Ebenen (Levels)
  213. Converted pics of some cheetahs
  214. Letting the camera do what it does.
  215. Woman with Calla Lilies
  216. Homage: Our Own Pictures Inspired by a Work of Art The Germans
  217. Spring time in Finland
  218. Anything good on the telly?
  219. Still Life - almost
  220. Some off road racers converted to black and white
  221. My World: Back from Black
  222. Street Portraits, a Developing Personal Collection
  223. Hdr off road rally cars
  224. Critique Desired: Believe
  225. Padlocked
  226. Shine a Light
  227. The Moth
  228. Diagonally Under the Bridge
  229. A Toy. A Child's Vision.
  230. A Muse Visits! Presence: Woman with a Yellow-Green Scarf
  231. Does Photography have to be too personal?
  232. Looking, In the Carpenter's Workshop
  233. A Muse Visits! Just a test shoot, part one, suitable for workplace!
  234. Another watch project
  235. Wondering
  236. My World: A Loose Connection
  237. Question: The Illuminator
  238. Not sure where to put these so....
  239. Odd composition
  240. My World: Spirit of the Forest
  241. Woodland Cemetery
  242. Glendale Cemetery
  243. Rock 'n Roll
  244. Clouds over the river
  245. The key
  246. Lakeside shot
  247. HDR clouds
  248. Slave to the device
  249. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: First try at levitation
  250. My World: De vieux murs (some old walls).
  251. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) An 85 and 4 encounter
  252. A Portfolio Series for Your Consideration: An invited Series Friday morning
  253. Critique Desired: Internals
  254. Utter Piffle
  255. RC Planes
  256. Hdr cars
  257. Critique Desired: Language Barrier
  258. Critique Desired: Cypher
  259. Critique Desired: Juxtaposition for Effect!
  260. My World: Use your imagination..
  261. My World: Is he talking to someone?
  262. My World: Dead End.
  263. Critique Desired: Derivatives of Slow shutter Capture
  264. Cloud
  265. Empty suit
  266. Critique Desired: Red Chairs, Red Door, Red Sign
  267. Critique Desired: Blowin' in the Wind
  268. Critique Desired: Passing Glances
  269. Some of my first rolls of film
  270. Critique Desired: Welcome to Burger King
  271. Working Shadow
  272. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Play Ball
  273. A tree
  274. Critique Desired: Negativity
  275. Critique Desired: Sunset
  276. Critique Desired: Planter
  277. Critique Desired: Waiting for the rain
  278. Critique Desired: The Mechanic
  279. Critique Desired: Day Lily
  280. My World: Inside my Head
  281. My World: Inside My head - Again
  282. Critique Desired: Train
  283. My World: Moon over...
  284. My World: Abstract
  285. My World: Conversations
  286. Critique Desired: Two two-color abstracts
  287. My World: Soft Moment
  288. Critique Desired: Street Lamp from below
  289. My World: Nature
  290. Hdr of what i saw around my wifes apartment complex in Changchun China
  291. Critique Desired: Nature
  292. Q
  293. Roll Stock
  294. My World: Time
  295. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Photography and Narration
  296. Critique Desired: Artificial! Natural?
  297. Critique Desired: Have a Diner Day
  298. Critique Desired: Architecture - not orthogonal and yet...
  299. Critique Desired: Backlit
  300. Things are looking up.
  301. An improbable shot from I
  302. Continuing exploration
  303. Critique Desired: Looking up
  304. Critique Desired: Orange Flower
  305. Critique Desired: Light Play
  306. Smoke Scream
  307. Critique Desired: Reclamation
  308. Critique Desired: Monochromatic range
  309. Critique Desired: Inspired by Bob Rogers
  310. In-Camera Double Exposure
  311. Body Lingo
  312. In Perspective, Fun: Playing with a Goat
  313. My World: Opportunities NOT missed.
  314. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) No Perspective
  315. New Pro-class Compact Camera APS-C or Larger Sensor The Graffiti Aesthetic...to appreciate or not to appreciate?
  316. Critique Desired: On the Rocks, Redux
  317. Amateurs vs Professionals
  318. My World: Fish?
  319. My World: Games children play...
  320. My World: Reflections
  321. In Perspective, Fun: The Great Escape
  322. Bowling with an E-PL1
  323. Critique Desired: Harlequins
  324. Difference using Movement and Motion
  325. November.
  326. November 3/4th
  327. Critique Desired: Angels
  328. You're not alone.
  329. Homage: Our Own Pictures Inspired by a Work of Art To Jerome
  330. My World: Observing People
  331. Fish out of water
  332. My World: Winter's Lament
  333. My World: Escaping Actuality: strategy and pitfalls in the creative process!
  334. Ghost Ship and Snow Storm
  335. No Title
  336. My World: Street Dancers
  337. Spiritual
  338. A Portfolio Series for Your Consideration: An invited Series What I've been working on lately
  339. My World: Patience
  340. Virtual Reality
  341. My World: Electric Avenue
  342. My World: Photoshop
  343. Seven Sisters and a Dog
  344. Abstracts
  345. I drink alone
  346. Lone Balloon
  347. My World: Three views - first person viewpoint series
  348. First book
  349. No Title
  350. Critique Desired: Portrait of my sister-in-law
  351. My Garden
  352. Critique Desired: More From the Garden
  353. Critique Desired: Sunflower, Part 3
  354. Critique Desired: Windtalkers
  355. My World: Melting Ice in Neverland
  356. Critique Desired: Life & Death
  357. Critique Desired: Last Shot of the Sunflower Series
  358. Critique Desired: Their Golden Years
  359. Light Industrial Harmonies
  360. My World: Steel & Glass Portfolio: Photographs of my sculptures.
  361. Critique Desired: Movement
  362. Critique Desired: Downward Movement
  363. Critique Desired: Buzz Lightyear
  364. Abstract BAIS '14
  365. The forest floor
  366. Photo
  367. Canadian Club - Air Canada 861 '14
  368. Critique Desired: Dare I
  369. Selfie
  370. When The Beginning and End Meet
  371. Yard Shot
  372. Light Anomalies - View from Flight AC861 '15
  373. Bubble
  374. Mystere
  375. Sculpture park montage series
  376. Bay Bridge at Night - San Francisco, California '15
  377. Jagged
  378. Cellar Glass Panels - Haworth, W. Yorkshire '15
  379. Starting out to do still life from scratch!
  380. My World: shape and texture
  381. My World: One more from the shoemakers workshop
  382. My World: Old Shoe
  383. My World: Shoemakers Workshop
  384. Window Into World War II
  385. Challenge: Starting out to do street photography from scratch!
  386. My World: Street..
  387. My World: Memoirs from Prague
  388. Cool Pictures and a Cock
  389. A Muse Visits! Police Line: Do Not Cross
  390. Macao by night
  391. A Muse Visits! still life?
  392. Get what I deserve.
  393. Artsy, Shallow DOF with Summar 5cm.
  394. 10022016
  395. The Scambler
  396. titled #1
  397. My World: Ancient music...
  398. Untitled
  399. My World: Don't risk it...
  400. My World: I opened my window..
  401. Wide Angle Portraiture
  402. Skaters in the rain
  403. Traces of the force of water
  404. winding road
  405. Swiss Wood - Diptych '16
  406. Fading hydrangeas
  407. Critique Desired: The Signs of Season (Fall)
  408. Colour sensitivity
  409. Emigre Huorns in Wisconsin
  410. Critique Desired: All By Myself...
  411. Solitude
  412. Tribute
  413. My World: Untitled
  414. My World: Time to move, and a time to ponder...
  415. My World: Paths one travels...
  416. My World: A rare selfie
  417. Nothin' is here
  418. light in darkness
  419. My World: Exploring Awesome and Fabulous
  420. In Perspective, Fun: Some "overprocessed" images....
  421. Some "overprocessed" images.... (now in color)