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  1. The Arc of Communication
  2. The Photographer as an Artist? Master of What?
  3. Elements in Intent & Concept Materialized in Composition to Attract and Engage us.
  4. Documental Photographs might, indeed, be Fine works of Art!
  5. All Art As Pornography! Well let's ban everything!
  6. Exploiting the grand Metaphor, Life as a Journey!
  7. Learning From The Greats!
  8. Recognizing "Concept" in Photography and Whether or Not it has been Materialized.
  9. Doing something a little.....different
  10. Holy Order of Minimalism when shooting casually
  11. Visual Thinking: Can one distill the essence of a scene and rise above the ordinary?
  12. The groove of images
  13. Looking Beyond background
  14. "Metropolis"
  15. What is the Photograph? Look at the history Do Digital Sensors Make it?
  16. There are no rules in composition, really?
  17. Handling "Feedback" in art, the Photographer's Conundrum!
  18. Goals, Passion and "Success in Photography as Art"
  19. Reading the reading
  20. Who we are and what Makes for A Great Photographer anyway!
  21. Fantasy Pictures made of elements. The Language I Attempt to Use
  22. Fern and spider Grass: Soft Focus in a B&W Image with A Principal Element blurred!
  23. Composition: How do we proceed?
  24. Expression of the mind or the servicing of a commercial sector with purchasing power
  25. Following Maris' thread
  26. Learning "vision"
  27. New Podcast: Celebrating Achievements
  28. CHALLENGE: What does this image mean?
  29. Can you combine music and photography?
  30. Steve McCurry: Final Exposure
  31. Composition
  32. Understanding Criticism - Essay
  33. Dealing with criticism of one's own work.
  34. Critique is Useless without understanding
  35. CÚzanne's apples and wine bottles - and ours
  36. A deceptively simple question.
  37. What makes a photography memorable
  38. Can Art have no Artist's Statement, Vision or Idea?
  39. Perfect composition, auto exposure and print! What's wrong with that?
  40. Art: What it might be, purpose and requirements for appreciation
  41. Including other artwork in ones' own creative composition!
  42. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: I have no idea how to ask this question..
  43. A Portrait and a Legacy of Seeing!
  44. Learning to see
  45. Art in the imagination or the image - (Originally posted in "The Human Form As Art")
  46. Found objects
  47. Homage: Our Own Pictures Inspired by a Work of Art Art that has gotten into my blood!
  48. How welldo you hang?
  49. Photographic Gems of Our Times From The Web Laetitia Eskens
  50. Photographic Gems of Our Times From The Web Rui Palha
  51. Can one have a picture that works brilliantly when the composition doesn't?
  52. What level or kind of craft is necessary for a photograph to be Art"?
  53. Does Copying/Stealing Ideas/Images in Artist Endeavors Stifle or Promote Creativity?
  54. "Boring", "Pretty", "blank-faced beauty" and what else makes for Good Photography?
  55. Artistic Photography: Appeal to just "ourselves"?
  56. Is this a good composition and then is it Art?
  57. PDF as distribution
  58. Book Reviews and Favorites! The Age Of Insight: How Pictures recruit pleasure and adventure in our minds!
  59. In Perspective, Planet: Bauhaus Photography - forgotten?
  60. Performative Photography? Is all photography that's not documentary, performative?
  61. Photography and Music
  62. Making sets of work for an Art Portfolio or an Exhibition
  63. Your Hidden Creative Opportunities in high dynamic range photography.
  64. PP matching the subject
  65. What makes for better photographic work? How do we raise the bar for ourselves.
  66. Pre-planning Photography I: A look at "Output Quality"
  67. Pre-planning Photography II: Shooting "Coverage" beyond the picture needed?
  68. Post-production photography: A look at "Output Quality"
  69. Why is that art and why is that also art?
  70. On the art market (1).
  71. On the art market (2).
  72. Working Instruments
  73. How do we "experience art"? Is there a way specific to the work?
  74. Art for clever people (only)
  75. When to seek uniformity?
  76. Photographs as "offspring"!
  77. Alternative Process: Zen Photography / Minor White
  78. Alternative Process: Creative Feedback
  79. Examples of B&W Digital Images with Fitting Tonalities
  80. Between art
  81. The artists canvas
  82. "I could do that!"
  83. Deciding to venture into B&W Photography: an Open Letter to David Butcher
  84. The benefits of foresight.
  85. Nailed it! No need for a series!
  86. No Muse Today
  87. If "The 3rd Element in Photography" renders it "exceptional" how is this achieved?
  88. What is likely to be the impact of automation and AI on what we call "ART"
  89. Post truth
  90. Minimalism, abstract or interesting
  91. Art directly from the Cathedral of the Mind: Alma Deutcher
  92. The Edges of A Frame: Learning from 2 of Robert Watcher's Pictures
  93. Photographic Gems of Our Times From The Web The 12 networking truths
  94. it seemed like a good idea at the time
  95. For what purposes can the classic camera survive the smart phone?
  96. Tears in the Rain
  97. Street Color What makes for the "Timeless Photograph"
  98. Borders: Gilt & Ornate to simple or. none at all! The evolution of the frame!