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  1. Flowing Fields - Olympus E-PL1 video
  2. At Last A Place For Video and Sound!
  3. What do you think about this?
  4. a little test
  5. My first videoclip
  6. Hints on Tethered-Movie Recording with the 5DII and other Canon DSLR's
  7. How do you edit Canon 5DII .MOV clips on a Mac or else under Windows?
  8. Pentimento, the trace of your past thoughts!
  9. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: Synchng well recorded sound to replace the sound of your DSLR video!
  10. What Video Camera/DSLR for Moving Pictures n Low Lght?
  11. Video camera sensitivity
  12. Alternative Process: HDR tonemapped Video
  13. In Perspective, Planet: First confirmed and documented sustained flight by humans with wings! Video!!
  14. News: Micro EVF for DSLRs by Redrock Micro
  15. Light: Stop Motion
  16. Canon 5D Mark II VIDEO Capabilities
  17. The DCI standard for digital distribution of motion pictures - Part 1
  18. "2k" and "4k" image size families
  19. The "Super 35" format size
  20. "Rolling shutter" effect in video cinematography
  21. Canon EOS C300 - the sensor scheme
  22. PC for video rendering -- an observation
  23. Canon XF 300 and XF 305 files to Final cut Pro X
  24. The speed booster...
  25. 2 Minute Short with E-PL1 and Minolta 50mm 1.7
  26. Video from last night
  27. BlackList. Digital. Art.
  28. New Video BlackList Art
  29. A serious EVF
  30. Newest Video vintage, conceptual impressions
  31. The First Movie: 1888, Leeds, England
  32. Invocations, America
  33. Video 50 Shades of Hours
  34. Merciless_. angels of mercy.
  35. Suede of Midnight
  36. Invocations America Wm Blackford Photography
  37. Video Series Being Female
  38. September. 26. Days.
  39. A Iantrum of Ghosts
  40. Eastman Kodak and "home movies"
  41. Film ciné cameras - Standard lens focal length
  42. two water bomber planes collecting water