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  1. IR and M8.. what problem?
  2. D300, IR? Full frame?
  3. Flocking in I
  4. Nodding Donkey
  5. Fun with Infra Red and a Leica M8
  6. Sunflower [UV]
  7. distance with ultraviolet and infrared
  8. Trees by a Pioneer Town close to Joshua Tree
  9. Trees by a Pioneer Town close to Joshua Tree
  10. Hennepin Illinois
  11. infrared house
  12. Dead vehicles of Pahrump Nevada
  13. D40x with Infrared Conversion
  14. Near Infrared: Abandoned Infrastructure!
  15. "The Rose!"
  16. [UV, VIS] Rudbeckia hirta stereo butterfly vision
  17. [UV, VIS, IR] breaking ice, mutispectral
  18. [UV] A simple tutorial for UV photography
  19. [UV, VIS] Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) in stereo
  20. [UV, BV, VIS] Russian Mars Lens meets Rudbeckia fulgida
  21. [VIS, UV,BV] Helianthus tuberosus (Topinambur)
  22. Ethan by ultrasound
  23. [UV, VIS] a surprising find ... and not
  24. [UV, VIS] Journal of Zoology Cover Photo
  25. [UV, VIS] Gazania experiments
  26. [VIS, BV] Bidens meets UV-Planar 4/60mm
  27. Water Tower in Near IR
  28. An old photo that I dig back
  29. [V, UV, BV, FL] Aster
  30. Careened Boat, Weyba Creek; Efke IR820 Aura
  31. UV View of The World by Bees! Klaus Schmitt's Work heralded on the BBC!
  32. Phalaenopsis stereo in ultraviolet and butterfly vision
  33. Gazania - how she "does it"
  34. [UV, VIS, IR] EL-Nikkor 80mm - a cheap and good alternative
  35. [UV] A simple tutorial for reflected UV photography, version II
  36. Zeiss contest "Light is my Language" : made it to the last 10!
  37. [UV, VIS] Psychedelic Lilly
  38. [UV, IR] Nikons new shutter control unit may spoil UV + IR images
  39. [UV, VIS] Spring Daffodils meet ZEISS UV-Sonnar 105mm
  40. [UV, VIS, IR] Perigee Moon
  41. Lumix GH1 UVIR, full spectrum converted
  42. BInden ferulifolia: visible. invisble, insect vision
  43. [IR] Are your eyes sensitive to IR?
  44. The Widest Angle View Ever, perhaps!
  45. If you like to see some of my UV bee vision work life...
  46. [VIS, BV] Double Diptych : Bidens - Sanvitalia
  47. [UV] shots from the park today
  48. [UV] Hungarian Parliament Building
  49. A few [UV] impressions of Hungarian Puszta flowers
  50. [UV, VIS] Rudbeckia - inside out
  51. [UV, VIS] Rudbeckia hirta
  52. [UV] Competition - which competition?
  53. Preening Swan
  54. "dancing"
  55. Zinnia Hybride from Mexico
  56. Clivia blossoming
  57. Rudbeckia hirta stereo
  58. Rudbeckia fulgida diptych
  59. [VIS, UV] A Bouquet of Mexican Zinnias
  60. [VIS, UV] BBC2 series "HOW TO GROW A PLANET"
  61. [UV] Winter Aconite
  62. [UV] Ant on Zinnia with a twist...
  63. [IR] Grasshopper on Hibiscus.
  64. Spring Equinox Sky
  65. Sid David Attenboroughs "Kingdom of Plants 3D"
  66. Do you like GOLD?
  67. Leakage in Reflected UV Photography
  68. White Gazania Flower in VIS and reflected UV
  69. Rudbeckia fulgida var deamii in visible and UV light
  70. Infrared:Flooded Forest.
  71. Zinnia: UV Induced Visible Fluorescence using Nichia UV LEDs
  72. Lichen multispectral
  73. [UV/Vis] Tree trunk in reflected UV and Visible Green
  74. Using a quartz lens for UV ? Quartz Takumar 85mm
  75. Metabones "Speed Booster": results & influence on choice of camera bodies and lenses!
  76. Lone Snow Gum, Kangaroo Ridge.
  77. Spring Break 2013
  78. Winter Aconite as we and insects see it
  79. Cambria hybrid orchid
  80. Ladyslipper multispectral
  81. Lilium martagon
  82. Orange coneflower
  83. Orange Coneflower - high resolution
  84. End of autumn - a multispectral walk-around
  85. Winter Jasmine - which is the old lens?
  86. Tussilago farfara - Coltsfoot multispectral
  87. X80QF - a f3.2/80mm apo lens for UV-VIS-NIR
  88. Lesser Celandine multispectral
  89. Full Moon over Weinheim Castle - multispectral VIS-UV-IR
  90. Creeping Cinquefoil
  91. Hawksbeard multispectral
  92. Gazania multispectral
  93. Zinnias multispectral
  94. Fossilized Fish multispectral
  95. Flax flower multispectral
  96. Star-of-Bethlehem multispectral
  97. Shikoko Cobra Lilly multispectral
  98. Forget-me-not multispectral
  99. Dandelion multispectral
  100. Gazania multispectral
  101. Portrait, in UV??
  102. A few flowers in VIS-UV-BV as seen in CA
  103. Ducks couple in visible, simulated bee vision and IR
  104. marsh marigold
  105. Gazania multispectral
  106. Bidens multispectral
  107. Sanvitalia multispectral
  108. UV Nikkor 105 does Gazania rigens
  109. Rudbeckia hirta multispectral
  110. Bouquet of flowers - multispectral
  111. Ultra Achromatic Takumar 4.5 / 85mm does flower
  112. Brown Eyed Susan multispectral
  113. Step back in time: Psychedelic Lily
  114. Scorpio Supermoon (UV)
  115. African Violet
  116. Gasometer Oberhausen Museum exhibit
  117. Rudbeckia hirta multispectral
  118. White Gazania rigens multispectral
  119. Rudbeckia hirta multispectral
  120. Winter Jasmine multispectral
  121. Rubeckia hirt multispectral at American Natural History Museum
  122. Denver Botanic Gardens
  123. Dandelion Spring 2018 multispectral
  124. Dwarf tulip multispectral
  125. Some IR images
  126. New type Gazania multispectral
  127. Another new type Gazaina multispectral
  128. The Rose
  129. 3D rendering
  130. Missouri Coneflower multispectral
  131. Gazania colorful UV
  132. Black-Eyed-Susan multispectral
  133. Black-eyed Susan with a twist
  134. UV Sunflowers
  135. IR Some RG830
  136. Human and simulated Bee vision video
  137. Rose Garden - RG830 Fisheye
  138. Sunflower VIS - UV
  139. African Violet in reflected UV
  140. Lyman-Alpha lenses for UV
  141. Man made structures in UV...
  142. Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' in UV using Lyman Alpha II lens
  143. Common Sunflower VIS-UV-BV
  144. Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' VIS-UV
  145. Oncostele orchid with two UV filters
  146. Oncostele orchid multispectral
  147. Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' psychedelic
  148. Sanvitalia VIS+UV stereo
  149. Oncostele in UV using a Russian f2.8/200mm lens