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  1. Zeiss lenses on Canon bodies
  2. 1Ds/MKII or 1D/MKII What do you use most?
  3. 350d
  4. 5D as main or second body.....
  5. Will Chuck Westfall be visiting here?
  6. 5D bettery choice?
  7. New firmware comming for 1DMKIIn?
  8. 5D or 1DmkIIN - What shall it be?
  9. 5D: In-Camera Meter Calibration?
  10. ID Mk2N - chimping and histogram inconsistency
  11. Multiple cameras, multiple lenses
  12. CMOS sensor - new tutorial article
  13. Canon CMOS sensor architecture (Chuck Westfall?)
  14. Dust, ye in the Pentaprism?
  15. Chuck: Can we have a firmware update for 5d?
  16. 24mm for 5D
  17. Suggestion to Evaluate Canon 24TS-E w/20D
  18. The hot pixel issue
  19. 4 GB CF cards with 1DmkII (not "N")
  20. A question to Canon re. focusing distance in EXIF
  21. Changing from Nikon
  22. Focus screen ?
  23. Question about Dynamic Range and Bit Depth
  24. Rebates?
  25. exit pupil/nodal point question
  26. studio strobe/flash 20D rear sync ?
  27. 5D Flash WB too warm with dedicated flash, but OK with single contact flash.
  28. CMOS sensor - tutorial article revised
  29. Spectators: "Ah! 12.7 Megapixels!"
  30. Pushing ISO and Exposure on 5D Procedure?
  31. Sigma 300mm F2.8 on Canon 5D
  32. may have focus problem, request advice.
  33. 5D servo focus; expecting too much?
  34. Iso 3200
  35. 5D+grip - major problems
  36. 85 L 1.2 Share your experience
  37. 5D Mirror Lock
  38. 5D servo focus; new shots!
  39. Focus speed of 1D(s) mkII/5D with flash IR assist.
  40. need 1D II high ISO samples
  41. 5D native ISO: what is it, does it matter?
  42. 1Ds green cast
  43. exposure difference between shots
  44. First time shooting speed sailing from a chase boat.
  45. SD or CF cards -- erase or reformat?
  46. 5D PC terminal flash weirdness
  47. "APS" notation for sensor sizes
  48. Anti reflective screen for Canon
  49. Canon Angle Finder C: worth it?
  50. Back from Tanzania. Photos and thoughts to share (large post)
  51. Can't add owner name to EXIF
  52. Why Canon does not have good instructions
  53. 1DMkIIN Flash sync question
  54. Firmware 1.1.0 for EOS 5D, 1DIIN
  55. 1 Week with the 5D
  56. 20D - ISO sensitivity values in Full Auto
  57. Interchangeable focusing screens for the 5D
  58. RG CF/SD database updated
  59. Clarifying Custom Funtions w/ 5D
  60. Power drain with IS turned on
  61. Wierd (at least for me) problem yesterday
  62. Combing artifacts in 30D RAW histograms - what casues them? (Chuck Westfall?)
  63. 1d MarkII (N) Tips and Tricks
  64. New Canon Camera, a legend?
  65. cf card image count
  66. Sandisk card playing up.
  67. 1D Mark II tracking issues
  68. Extension tubes with the Canon 5D
  69. What's after the 1D Mark II?
  70. 1D-IIn frame rate problem
  71. 5D question...CFn 16?
  72. Picture Styles
  73. Canon EOS 400D specs leaked?
  74. So no new 1 series, but a 400D and 3 lenses
  75. RG on Canon 400D
  76. What the Xti means for a 1D series photographer.
  77. Canon Press release Aug 24 mentions a DIGI III
  78. Who uses * (CF-4) for focusing and why?
  79. Full frame, focusing and composition
  80. Would I lose pic quality by selling my 1DS Mark II?
  81. 1DN weight issue
  82. Photokina
  83. Tip for speeding up 5D focus
  84. "Exceeded the life of camera"...in < 9 months
  85. 4gb SD Card in 1DMk2??
  86. Saving to both CF and SD cards simultaneously!
  87. 1D mark II shutter problem?
  88. Photokina Accomodation ?
  89. DPP 2.2 Software
  90. Shoot with 2nd or 3rd finger?
  91. buying new digital slr-need speed & antishake for sports
  92. Evironmental sealing and great glass possible?
  93. Mk2N and SD cards
  94. The 1Ds Flagship question!
  95. Adobe Bridge/ACR vs Picture Styles
  96. A student asked me for advice!
  97. ack from Tanzania. Photos and thoughts to share (back again!)
  98. Nikon's new firmware upgrade
  99. 1 Series replacements?
  100. 20D focus problems
  101. Are 16 megapixels too many?
  102. What Fisheye lens for Canon Rebel XT??
  103. Shooting Wildlife - Which Focus Mode?
  104. 5D not Pro?
  105. Camset file changes actuations
  106. Frozen Camera
  107. Shooting to fill a circle
  108. * for FEL? 1D mk II
  109. 20D back from Canon
  110. 580 EX reverts to "M" from "ETTL"
  111. My 400D came today...
  112. AI Servo AF tracking duration and speed
  113. Exposure Compensation doesn't affect flash?
  114. A greater than 100% viewfinder view?
  115. Anyone using Samigon VH flip flash bracket?
  116. Time to sell your 1-series?
  117. 400D Canon cuts price by 30%
  118. New AA filter in 1DIIN - yes or no?
  119. AF/MF.... Mind of it's own?
  120. 1DMKII(n) and exposure
  121. Errors 1D MKII
  122. Canon 30D firmware upgrade
  123. Why did Canon put a mirror on the back of the 5D?
  124. Yes, you can do HUGE prints with the Canon 1Ds Mk II
  125. Trivia Question - image file name prefix
  126. Larger SD cards?
  127. The advantages of RAW shooting for bad weather
  128. shooting lights @ night
  129. Auto-focus point accuracy
  130. Canon, take notice!
  131. new firmwear update
  132. 20D in shop!!
  133. 1DMKII/1DMKIIn AF question
  134. 5D Sharpen settings
  135. Help with monopod mount selection for sports
  136. 5D file names
  137. 20D - ERR 99 message
  138. Max voltage on 30d
  139. Canon: OPF RAW FILE DATA-BANKô call for submission
  140. Canon x1.6 DSLR: OPF RAW FILE DATA-BANKô call for submission
  141. Wireless 580EX question
  142. Focus in 1Ds vs 5D: is it worth the extra $$?
  143. 5D Focus freeze? Is this a fault?
  144. High Speedy Synch question....
  145. Underexposed?
  146. Selective focus
  147. Linear Output
  148. New 1 series...early leak
  149. New 1 series...early leak
  150. Welcome the 14 BIT self-cleaning 2x RAW 1D Mark III!
  151. EOS 1D Mark III: The birth of "UiP"...
  152. 1D III and focusing buttons (*, AF-ON)
  153. Canon pricing games, here we go. 1dmkIII
  154. 1DSMKIII Early news
  155. Some pix from MK3
  156. "action combo" settings possible on Mk3 ?
  157. Canon 10D out of focus?
  158. Useful feature of the 1DmkIII
  159. "Factory Refurbished" vs "Canon USA Refurbished"
  160. 1dmiii
  161. Strange phenomena
  162. Ordering the New 1D Mark III Who has or will take the plunge?
  163. Quality Control: My 1D MkIIN Experience
  164. Canon 1dmkIII $ 4,495.00 @ B&H
  165. @10FPS i wonder how long the shutter will last on the MKIII?
  166. Discovering Personal FN 14!
  167. 1DII vs 5D one shot focus speed/accuracy
  168. What would your rather have?
  169. Splitting hot shot to several speedlights?
  170. Have lost all patience with Canon!
  171. used the 1Ds and 1D combo for years
  172. Sensor, clean ?......opinions
  173. The endless problems continue (1D MkIIN)
  174. Hard to believe we lived with this
  175. Canon Europe appears to be endorsing Visible Dust
  176. Rob Galbraith 1D Mark III First Look
  177. CF SD cards
  178. CPN Masterclass about Mark III
  179. At my wits end with Canon!
  180. Sensor Cleaning question for Chuck
  181. 20D C.Fn-09 Bracket Sequence/Auto Cancel
  182. Now, my friends, I have a serious doubt !...
  183. Ec-L Cross-split prism focusing screen (my experience)
  184. 5D at last
  185. 2GB Sandisk CF Extreme III & 20D write times
  186. Got to test the 1DMKIII today!
  187. PMA Australia, 1DmkIII
  188. Thinking about selling the 1DS Mark II
  189. Canon TX1
  190. MIII videos
  191. IDMK III price
  192. Problem shooting in "M"
  193. 5D, 30D or something else. Your advice please.
  194. Canon Lens Plant - Virtual Tour
  195. Canon EOS 1D MKIII on BO at B&H
  196. Digital medium format vs. 5D?
  197. Getting a Mark III quickly
  198. EOS 1D MKIII Test Shots
  199. Contrast
  200. faulty images on my 1DS MK2
  201. Funny reason for 1D MkIII delay
  202. Can 5D be teathered?
  203. No Ring of Fire on MkIIn??
  204. Going from 1D/20D to 400D/XTi
  205. Help! Traveling with a 5D
  206. Modifying a Canon TX1 for Genlock ?
  207. WiFi or Bluetooth for Canon
  208. Canon 5Neutral Color
  209. purchased 1DMKIII
  210. Portrait Lense
  211. Canon 1D3 dynamic range test results
  212. EOS 20D - "soft shutter release"
  213. Mk3 Af
  214. 1DSMKII - 1DMKIII image comparison
  215. AI Servo.... question.
  216. 1DMK3 sample image
  217. 1DMK3 firmware upgrade
  218. MkIII V D200 ISO640 crops
  219. Advice please, re 400D plus Macro & Flash
  220. 1DSMK2/1DMK3 image crops (reposted)
  221. More samples 1DSMK2/1DMK3
  222. Canon 20D - replacement of shutter release switch
  223. Help NEW MKIIN killed two CFs Why?
  224. MKIIN More confusion & ?s
  225. MK3 firmware upgrade
  226. What's The Best Price Around on a 1D MkIII?
  227. 5D noise vs 1DSMK2
  228. MK3 @2000iso
  229. 580EX II: Does it improve AF assist performance -- and especially with Canon EOS 20D?
  230. ISO standard output sensitivity and recommended exposure index in the 1D Mk III
  231. Timetable for buying a 1DIII: you bought despite the RG reports or waiting for what?
  232. MK3 @3200iso
  233. New 580EXII stopped working
  234. EOS calibration test
  235. EOS AE calibration test
  236. For owners of 1DIII with no mega-pixel peeping allergy only ;-)
  237. DSLRs are so tough!
  238. Dead Pixies....MkII N
  239. Eos 40D imminent
  240. 30D problems
  241. 30D (raw) noise performance compared to 1D Mark III
  242. One possible solution for MKIII Autofocus issues in high temperatures :))
  243. The "small raw" output of the 1D III
  244. 1DSMK3 specs & availability
  245. EOS 40D is here!
  246. 1DS Mark III - Lens Resolving Concerns
  247. 1Ds Mark II vs 1DMarkIII
  248. EOS 40D - White Paper?
  249. Highlight Tone Priority
  250. Eos 40D Beta Pictures Avaliable including ISO 3200!
  251. Eos 40D Canon Japan Sample Pictures
  252. MK3 focus latest opinion of my unit.
  253. Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III - White paper
  254. Impact of 14-bit ADC in the EOS-1D Mk III?
  255. Anyone Receive Their 40D Yet??
  256. 40D RAW sample
  257. 40D Hands-On Report on LL
  258. EOS 40D - AF sensor orientation
  259. Direct Print rant
  260. wishful thinking ...
  261. Who has tested their 1DIII in hot Servo mode?
  262. Is the 40D good enough for sports photography?
  263. 1DS Mark II Battery Question
  264. Amazon Delivered my 40D
  265. New 40D scare
  266. my 2 cents
  267. Chuck Westfall's take on Focus and focus tracking with 1D series including 1DIII
  268. EOS-1D Mark III 9 units in stock at B&H
  269. Canon EOS 40D 28-135 IS kits 16 units in stock at B&H
  270. My 40D-s arrive today
  271. Q: how do you find exact click# for 30D?
  272. First shots with 40D
  273. black frame noise of my 40D
  274. 1Ds MkII - P.Fn 31
  275. 40D AF Disappointment
  276. 1DsMkII - Vertical Lines Issue
  277. 40D: First Experience
  278. Got told my 1DsMkIII will be in within 10 days
  279. Hmmm...what to do??
  280. Can't find Contrast Control on my 1Ds (not Mark)
  281. 40D out around the town of Los Angeles
  282. 1Ds Mark III interesting EXIF info
  283. 40D focusing screens anybody?
  284. 40D noise question
  285. 40D with the hi ISO NR on
  286. 1DS MKIII (MK3) high ISO samples 500-3200 ISO
  287. 1DM3 aI servo fix reported
  288. 1d mk 111 autofocus fix
  289. 1Ds battery indicator mishaps
  290. How large a 16 bit Tiff, 1Ds3 converted Raw file ?
  291. 40D review by Phil Askey
  292. 1DIII to be pulled from shelves!
  293. 40D review by the digital picture . com
  294. Dumping the 5D for better focus or more pixels?
  295. Fashion Catwalk photography technique
  296. MkIII recall programme - Your experiences so far!
  297. Canon 40D firmware upgrade 1.0.5.
  298. I just had a thought about repair ques
  299. My Canon EOS 1DsMKIII shipped today!
  300. Canon EOS-1D Mark III firmware V 1.1.3 Released
  301. AF Mirror Adjustment Repair Handling Procedure
  302. My Canon EOS 1DsMKIII arrived at my dealer today!
  303. I got My Canon EOS 1DsMKIII today!
  304. 1DsMKIII, Phase One P21, & Mamiya ZD Compared
  305. 1DsMKIII sample photos from my new camera!
  306. Canon 1Ds Mark III Review
  307. Interactive Review of Canon DSLR files: 1DsIII, 1DIII, 5D, D30 also the cute SD 800 I
  308. 1Ds3 mini review
  309. Still room for improvement on the 1DMkIII
  310. 1DS MKIII sample image
  311. Nice Canon 40D Ad
  312. 3 CF cards work in 1DmkIII will not in 1DsmkIII
  313. 5d Mark II Rumors
  314. 1DsMKIII Firmware 1.0.6 is out
  315. 1DsMkIII quick comments
  316. 1Dmk3 - factory menu activated in the firmware (how to disable)?
  317. 1DsMKIII photos from todays shoot
  318. EOS 40D - viewing angle of rear monitor screen
  319. AF Micro-Adjustment tool
  320. Some more 1DsMKII and III samples
  321. 1Ds Mark III Availability
  322. EOS 1Ds Mark III analysis, Read Noise
  323. EOS 1Ds Mark III analysis, System gain
  324. Shooting tethered...?
  325. Why is reported resolution anisotropic?
  326. Beamwidth ("head zoom") control on the Speedlite 580EX II
  327. Canon Powershot SX100 is - Help!
  328. Canon EOS 40D & Cold Weather ?
  329. Sticky Request
  330. Live View Stuff
  331. Canon 450D XSi is here
  332. Improved beamwidth control on Canon Speedlite flash units
  333. Flash Question, 550EX and 1Ds MKII
  334. new 1D3 "FIX mark II"...
  335. Is the APS-H sensor format history?
  336. EOS-1Ds Mark III in stock at B&H!
  337. Canon EOS 5D - firmware 1.1.1 in new cameras...
  338. Color correction info in EOS JPG files?
  339. Cancount Can't Count 1DsII actuations?
  340. Gitzo or 1DMkIII?
  341. Nikon takes the lead
  342. Have you tried ....
  343. Are these bugs ? Delete & Copy image files
  344. Can You use USB 1.0 with Live View on a EOS Mark III
  345. 1 Series Firmware updates
  346. A seminal event?
  347. NiKon de canon mk111 autofocus test
  348. Canon Europe announce 2 Years Warranty for 1D3 & 1Ds3
  349. 1DsMkIII my first impressions
  350. Combing artifacts in 30D RAW histograms - mystey solved
  351. EOS 20D - white balance peculiarity
  352. Canon spring rebates
  353. Program shift
  354. Which general purpose lens on a 40D?
  355. Technical article on noise in digital imaging
  356. 40D on the way
  357. Sample image EOS-1Ds Mark III
  358. Optimum ISO setting for 5D
  359. 450D noise performance?
  360. The EOS fourth tier - the 1000D (Digital Rebel XS)
  361. Interesting EF-S lens malfunction
  362. Canon Flash question
  363. Abandoned factory
  364. Dust on CMOS, now what?
  365. canon raw
  366. Strickland denounces Galbraith - Daguerrotypes at eleven
  367. Possible Auto-focus problem 1DsMkIII
  368. Ray Flash ring flash adapter
  369. IQ on Canon DSLR
  370. EOS 9D and 50D rumor
  371. [question] SDHC ?
  372. 50D Released
  373. Flash metering and release lag
  374. Using a 2xTc
  375. Comparison of the Canon 5d to the 50d
  376. 1Ds mkIII Odd behavior (to me that is)
  377. Sample video from the 5DMarkII
  378. 5D mk ii --- is here!
  379. Help!!!
  380. 50D - first impressions
  381. But can you see Russia in Live View?
  382. Comparison shots from 4 bodies
  383. Canon Computer-linked capture software with 450D
  384. News: Canon 50D 1.0.3 firmware update
  385. Question for French photographers
  386. Low-temperature operation - EOS 40D, PS A-620
  387. Frozen Camera
  388. using IRIS and unkown raws?
  389. Canon 5D Mark II Diary & Review
  390. 5DMkII sample images
  391. Just sold my 40D...
  392. News: No Cat Available
  393. 5dMII
  394. Direct Print
  395. EOS 40D - Evaluative metering in AI Servo mode
  396. Canon EOS dSLRs - Evaluative metering revealed
  397. Fake Chuck Westfall blog site... ?
  398. New recall actions and frimware for 1D3 and 1Ds3
  399. flash not syncing with eos 20d
  400. Evaluative metering - now I get it
  401. Need Help with Black Shadow on Images
  402. Focus confirmation and non EF-compatible lenses
  403. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: PW Mini TT1 for Canon EOS
  404. News: Canon announces new 500D
  405. News: 5D Mk II Field Review by Nick Devlin
  406. Help with 5DMkII Please!
  407. battery mystery
  408. "Push/pull" indicator in Canon raw metadata
  409. Interesting "ghost" problem in EOS 5D Mk. II
  410. Automatic exposure "calibration" of my EOS 40D
  411. EOS 1D3 and 1Ds3 - errant oil
  412. EOS 40D - Folder and file numbering - Chuck?
  413. 1d repair guide PDF
  414. Epson p-2000
  415. what canon camera and lens to buy ?
  416. Back and Forth (Focus issue)
  417. Formatting of CFcard impossible
  418. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: EOS 5D Mark II Firmware Update Version 1.1.0
  419. EOS 7D - 22.5 x 15.0 mm lives!
  420. EOS 7D - Preview on dpr
  421. 7D shots
  422. 5D MkII image anomaly
  423. Noise, APS-C v. FF; 1DsII v. (i.e.), 5DII?
  424. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: 1d classic service manual...
  425. Canon 1D Mk4 officially announced
  426. shutter count
  427. Canon White Papers: Beyond the Manual
  428. When buying a SH Canon 5d
  429. 5D filing question
  430. Canon g 11
  431. side by side shots of 7D vs 5D mk II vs 50D on H2H
  432. News To Me
  433. Old Feel Lens on 5D
  434. News: Canon's patent application for a stabilized sensor
  435. 1D2N, Ducks, Takumar
  436. Sold my camera - Do I get a 50D or a T1 now?
  437. sRaw redux
  438. halos in digital images
  439. Canon 2x Extender New vs Old
  440. Major video coup for EOS 5D Mark II
  441. Upgrading to the Canon 1D Mark IV?
  442. Canon EOS focusing strategy
  443. Focusing screen calibration
  444. AF sensor sensitivity
  445. Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens
  446. pocket wizards not firing in LiveView on 5d Mk2
  447. Using Live View for fine focus
  448. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Precision camera positioning
  449. Fringing when looking through viewfinder of 550D
  450. Offset/black level in Canon raw files
  451. Backup battery for 5D2?
  452. Canon 30D and DPP
  453. Hasselblad H4D-50 against Canon 1Ds MarkIII: what do we get for the money?
  454. EOS bodies - shutter "odometer"
  455. 5D mark 2 Focus screen
  456. AF strategy; AF calibration
  457. Autofocus in EOS dSLR cameras (a multi-part series)
  458. Who has an EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens?
  459. EF ring USM lenses - the FTM differential
  460. Canon EF lenses - the ring USM drive
  461. Canon EF lenses - the micro USM drive
  462. EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens - focus drive mechanism
  463. Canon USM autofocus drives - new technical article
  464. Canon Rebel Series
  465. The Canon EOS AF system - interesting observations
  466. The Canon EOS AF system - a "new" wrinkle
  467. Speedlite 430EX and multi-flash operation
  468. My World: Canon EOS 1D Mark III sent to me today
  469. Review: What You Get For Your Money: Comparing the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D
  470. Features not well known, please share!
  471. The Canon "sRAW" output formats
  472. Canon EOS - subsecond timing data in Exif metadata
  473. Canon EF-S lenses
  474. The scene database
  475. 5D ISO: Noise vs DR
  476. Beamwidth control in Canon Speedlite flash units
  477. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! EOS 1D MkIIN can be had quite cheap.
  478. The "APS-H" frame size
  479. Shutter life experiences: 1D Mk II, 1Ds, 1Ds Mk II
  480. Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS and EF 2X
  481. Canon EOS-1D X
  482. A nice, inexpensive tripod ring for the EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM
  483. A niftier fifty; 30-300
  484. The Canon EOS AF system revisted
  485. FoCal, a new AF Micro-adjustment tool
  486. After Market Focus Screen for 5Dc
  487. The Canon EOS M - EOS Lite
  488. News: Canon EOS 1Dx firmware 1.0.6 available
  489. How to buy DSLR stuff (Cameras, lenses, etc)
  490. Eos 1d4 replaced by 1dx, no 1ds3 replacement yet?
  491. Canon 600EX RT and ST-E3 RT remote trigger function on Mark II
  492. Canon EOS Kiss X7 in white livery
  493. 5Ds R with 800/5.6 IS or 200/2 IS lens
  494. Is that in hot dogs per furlong?
  495. Old L lenses that are still in production
  496. Camera Sales went down again in 2015
  497. EOS bodies that are still DIGIC 5 or 5+
  498. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: iPhone vs. Canon DSLR: The San Gabriels
  499. Canon autofocus acquisition behavior
  500. How happy are you with your 5D Mark IV?