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  1. The LaCrosse BC-900 battery charger/tester/conditioner
  2. Eye of the Beholder
  3. OK, I'll be the 1st !
  4. Forum Opened !
  5. Elinchrom D-lite 2 kit.
  6. Self-portrait focusing solution
  7. Trigger a Canon 580EX optically
  8. Norman 400B's
  9. Some talk about speed and speed
  10. Pocket wizard plus II
  11. Chimera Super SB?
  12. Canon Speedlite 550EX as a dumb optical slave
  13. uniquenesses
  14. Portrait & Paradox
  15. Tips for Handheld Self Portraits?
  16. Self-Portraits, accidental, semi-accidental or vain!
  17. Is Gary Fong's Lightsphere Warm?
  18. ETTL or manual
  19. pancake lanterns? chimera ?
  20. Recomendations for using a 580ex and 430ex manual or e-ttl
  21. Allowable studio flash current (A) requirements
  22. We need a pet protrait section
  23. Ringflash and red eyes
  24. oddart
  25. Quick Portraiture
  26. Light modifiers.
  27. Flash setup - but, I have to include the sun !
  28. Just a thought
  29. New PDN - "The Modern Self"
  30. Help posting image?
  31. Wein Digi Slaves and ETTL
  32. Canon 580EX: Why can't the flash be disabled? (as in totally!)
  33. Lastolite umbrella box with hot shoe flash
  34. First experience with Canon's wireless ETTL-II
  35. Pocket wizards etc
  36. group photo help needed
  37. flash novice
  38. Equipment for small group photography
  39. Progression - Growing up
  40. EL-Skyport
  41. Home made egg crate grids
  42. Helen (again..:-)
  43. Flash question, basics
  44. Helen The Kitchen Ghost
  45. Stand for Octadome
  46. Arca-Swiss to Lighting Stud plate.
  47. New Photographer
  48. First-hand review: Thor Colossus
  49. Portrait with the 50 1.2
  50. Dirty colors
  51. bw portrait
  52. Light and How to Play With IT...
  53. Remote Control Flash Questions
  54. Quarter to midnite
  55. Calendar Project part 1
  56. Canon EOS 1ds and Speedlite 580EX
  57. size of pupil
  58. Natural Flash for Portraits
  59. Outdoor Portrait, flash reflections
  60. George Clooney at Leatherheads
  61. Creating with Light
  62. Third Party Off Camera Shoe Cord
  63. First Post
  64. Profoto Monolight Kit
  65. Dual portrait
  66. Hannah....
  67. Light Paint
  68. Remote Battery packs for flash?
  69. Quasi-dual portrait
  70. Portraits of a friend
  71. Just another grabshot
  72. Challenge: Post Faces from Far Places: Ethnic portraits, travel among peoples!
  73. B&W portrait
  74. A woman and her dog - C&C please
  75. Some of my favorite portraits!
  76. Grupo Folklorico
  77. Girl from Oaxaca
  78. Portraits of a woman
  79. Today's spoils
  80. one more portrait . .
  81. Bewildered
  82. Window
  83. Child portrait - natural light
  84. just another portrait
  85. Older Portrait - Bounce Flash
  86. Celebrity Portraits Can You name them?
  87. The best extended Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 2
  88. Show Us Your Celebrity Portraits
  89. Might as well start with two I like
  90. Challenge: First 1D Mark III Headshot, add yours!
  91. Grandfather Supports future generations!
  92. Glamorous Portrait! What makes them work!
  93. Canon 580EX bouncing issue
  94. A "TEXAS FAIRY PRINCESS" from a Saturday morning shoot!
  95. A Portrait with long shadows
  96. No Fill flash /Fill Flash
  97. What do you think about Will Crockett's Views on "On Camera Flash?
  98. 2 more months...
  99. Sunset Portrait
  100. Couple
  101. Pocket Wizards
  102. "Thyristor" flash units - new tutorial article
  103. Synch-speed ?
  104. Tyler
  105. Still life Challenge: Natural light, objects around you. Mine, "A Broken Cup"
  106. Sahttered: Cup with red lips lips!
  107. Sahttered: Cup with red lips lips!
  108. I. Brushing Her Teeth
  109. Latest Mandolins
  110. The Artist at Work
  111. A Drop of Reflection, goes a Long Way
  112. Final Head Shot selects from a Saturday photo shoot
  113. Newbies: What's your biggest challenge?
  114. At the flower market
  115. 5d ebay trigger interference?
  116. Mr Studio One gear..any good?
  117. Cute girl. 1DMK3
  118. Mother and baby
  119. What makes a good flash system?
  120. Shooting arround a column
  121. Confused about flash and gels
  122. Canon 580EX II flash unit - "automatic" mode
  123. Dynalite: compared to Profoto, et all...
  124. Tear child
  125. Use of shading to evoke mood, character, reality and purpose!
  126. Kristen and Rubin
  127. The Love of My Life
  128. Informal
  129. Off the wall
  130. Playing around in renovated studio part 1
  131. Playing around in renovated studio part 2
  132. Second curtain sync w/ST-E2
  133. Boxing
  134. tatoos and piercings
  135. Sunlight and Speedlights! Rebecca wrapped in velvet!
  136. Rachel
  137. Diana and Corinne
  138. Mannequin head for working with light! Experience and thoughts!
  139. Diffusers
  140. My first studio shoot, ever!
  141. Faking an icy face
  142. It's done or it's just starting
  143. Hungry??
  144. Your thoughts?
  145. New post for your thoughts.
  146. David's Food Photo Adventure
  147. Cheers Everyone.....
  148. Shooting oil paintings
  149. First Proper Lights - what do you use?
  150. Need advice on High School Photos
  151. Today's Maternity Shoot - It's a Boy!
  152. Lighting questions for outdoor shoot
  153. question about lighting
  154. Evening Sun on Wardrobe Doors
  155. Lamp Shade
  156. The Conversation
  157. Contemplation
  158. Window Handle and Shadow
  159. Teen theatre production...
  160. The Hat - C&C Welcomed
  161. The Secret Garden...
  162. Laughing Buddha
  163. Theatre 'posed' shots and thanks!
  164. kickboxing
  165. Umbrellas
  166. Studio info
  167. Still Life: Late Afternoon Break
  168. Product Lighting
  169. More metal
  170. Opera/musical headshots for C&C...
  171. Challenge: "The Cherished Portrait of a Child" 6yrs-16yrs Studio lit. Post your best!
  172. Strobist Article and an interpretation
  173. Tina Mae, part I
  174. Tina Mae, part II
  175. Tina Mae, part III
  176. Tina Mae, part IV
  177. Tina Mae, part V
  178. Tina Mae, part VI
  179. And, finally - Tina May, part VII
  180. Pretty in Pink
  181. Best Friends
  182. Another from my pet/child shoot
  183. A couple more from yesterdays pet/people portrait shoot
  184. Alana
  185. Polina
  186. Got vermouth?
  187. Orange... again... :-)
  188. Jamie
  189. From my daughter's wedding
  190. Three stunning models and a 1DsMKIII in the studio, an all day shoot!
  191. Dad little one
  192. She
  193. It is all in the eyes!
  194. Show your studio ?
  195. broncolor head (Blue) on Elinchrom light modifier?
  196. Cassandra: four portraits
  197. Question about Compact Fluorescent
  198. My wife, Jen and Royal
  199. Problem with EL-SkyPort
  200. Westcott Spiderlites
  201. Still Life: my start: "Shoes by window light"
  202. Kids in the Park at Picnic
  203. A massive large format capture. Surely, It must be art!
  204. Two flowers
  205. Challenge: Beautiful & Fine Portraits of Vegetables & fruit: "Still life"
  206. Two red poppies
  207. Lady Luck
  208. Visual flavors
  209. Andrew & head shots
  210. Lighting problem
  211. Going Octa! What's your experience or lust quotient?
  212. Have you hugged your lightmeter today?
  213. Sand bags
  214. Learning Flash
  215. Cheap Parabolic Umbrella
  216. Challenge: "Oh Kids Are fun!" Call for Portraits with Flash. Kids enjoying it!!
  217. LED Lighting
  218. The Expecting Couple
  219. uniorange
  220. theodora
  221. Lighting for bottles
  222. Samantha Portrait Session. (Possibly NSFW)
  223. Never Back Down
  224. Tonopah High School Homecoming Dance
  225. one light
  226. Studio for rent needed
  227. 8x10 portrait, early hollywood style
  228. Reforming storage capacitors in flash units
  229. Critique Desired: Riley
  230. Question: flat art - getting it right in the camera
  231. Sombre
  232. Melchi--Nosferatu style
  233. Challenge: Portraits with Tattoos!
  234. Dani
  235. simple diffuser with bounce
  236. The GP
  237. Bad hair day
  238. Ghostly
  239. Toolshed Woman
  240. Progeria
  241. Lysianthus
  242. Three faces of James
  243. Critique Desired: First Studio Portrait
  244. Critique Desired: 'Kitchen studio' portrait of my brother and his family
  245. Product photography studio equipment advice
  246. Our Kid
  247. 2009 Calendar ~ Mahalo
  248. Friends shot last Sunday
  249. Cider Ian
  250. Critique Desired: Young Girl
  251. Camera as subject
  252. Critique Desired: Self Portrait
  253. Retouch Request Big red!
  254. Critique Desired: Product Photography
  255. question about lighting
  256. Question: Strange result using strobes. What am I doing wrong?
  257. Question: Profiling a Sekonic 758 DR
  258. Critique Desired: Zofi and Twizzler
  259. getting to know bare flash lighting
  260. Few from last months
  261. Photographing a Mural: Examples and technique?
  262. Implied
  263. Edge lighting (nudity)
  264. Still life table advice
  265. More edge lighting (nudity)
  266. Critique Desired: Pot Pouri
  267. Got twins
  268. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: Tool to hold mirror tiles/reflectors etc.
  269. Critique Desired: Female
  270. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Still life with slide rules and graph paper
  271. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Oh, heaven help us now..........
  272. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Light Headed
  273. Aw..Mom...
  274. The Vegetarian
  275. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Engagement Session
  276. News: Educational Photo Competition - Submissions Invited!
  277. Critique Desired: Multiple flash pops; just one exposure
  278. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Self Portrait
  279. Critique Desired: Head Shot of Musician
  280. Critique Desired: Merel
  281. Critique Desired: merel 2
  282. Critique Desired: Some of my models
  283. Critique Desired: some models
  284. Critique Desired: Leonique
  285. Critique Desired: My Grandson DJ1
  286. Critique Desired: 2 models
  287. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Senior storybook, portfolio.
  288. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Low Key work- and too see if this upload works
  289. Portable studio flash - choices
  290. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Ring flash
  291. Critique Desired: purple flowers
  292. Basic Umbrella Kit
  293. Critique Desired: handsfull of Gold
  294. Challenge: Post your Night Location Model Photos! (a series)
  295. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Fun Family Portrait - On Location
  296. Critique Desired: HIV/AIDS Support Group
  297. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Got Milk
  298. Softbox grid
  299. Continuous vs Flash Lighting and Everything in Between. A Multipart Exercise!
  300. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Intense laddie
  301. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: it has been a while
  302. Shooting Small Object Still Life
  303. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Just another pretty face
  304. Critique Desired: Whitney
  305. Critique Desired: Red Girl
  306. Prosthesis
  307. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Reflection
  308. Question: How to achieve natural light effect with studio lights?
  309. Lighting from below like in the film "Blade Runner"
  310. Critique Desired: Strawberry Milkshake
  311. More of my kind of shoots
  312. The New Model and the Beauty Dish
  313. Android / Cyborg Relations
  314. Critique Desired: Retired Riding Shoes
  315. In Perspective, Fun: More Black and White Experimentation
  316. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Hand Balancing Act
  317. Critique Desired: Discipline
  318. City Findings
  319. Finer things in life
  320. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Nikon F
  321. Critique Desired: Holloween
  322. Isabelle, age 18
  323. Critique Desired: playing with flash
  324. Lighting a Whole Orchestra! Oh, Yes perhaps the concert Hall Too!
  325. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Few different Still Lifes...
  326. Question: Flash Lighting Set Up for Portrait and Full Body
  327. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: You don't need fancy lighting....
  328. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Mood and Drama
  329. Critique Desired: Portraits
  330. Anatomy of a shoot
  331. Red beans on the stove
  332. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: One Beautifulful Card-Christmas
  333. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Mz Texas
  334. Critique Desired: Credit Pyramid
  335. The King
  336. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Rising Music
  337. Self portrait
  338. Ramos
  339. Kruschiki!
  340. Four generations
  341. Question: Am I being too much of an artist/perfectionist????
  342. Critique Desired: Portrait lighting
  343. LOTS of shots
  344. Snow and cold
  345. portrait
  346. Portable GFCI device
  347. Looking for lighting recommendations
  348. Karsh it ain't
  349. Question: Posting Images
  350. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Ashley Class of '10
  351. Critique Desired: Engagement Photos
  352. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Miss Wells County 2009-2010
  353. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Inside the Gypsy Den
  354. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Reposting of Timeless in White
  355. Challenge: Vertical Full length Portraits: film or digital, just tell us how you lit it!
  356. Paris
  357. No light without shadow
  358. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: no colour without light
  359. Lonesome Point
  360. Black and White of Maria
  361. Soft Focus Converted Velostigmat
  362. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Talented Beauty (Sunset Shoot)
  363. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Ballet School
  364. Just Sharing-NSFW-sexually suggestive, NOT "PC" and the like, The Flirt: Night Shots With Two Norman Portable Strobes
  365. Coffee to enjoy
  366. Critique Desired: Kids
  367. Critique Desired: samurai girl
  368. Critique Desired: Babies - hard work......
  369. Carla out and about
  370. AJ Roach
  371. My first professional work with model!
  372. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: High Speed Flash Sync 1/8000 sec f/2.8 Mid Day
  373. The Rose
  374. Critique Desired: Posessed
  375. Light This! Ask for help on lighting a particular subject. Lighting restaged live performance dance shots, in the studio?
  376. Question: Optimizing Dance: 1D Mark IV in Shots of Single Performers on Stage in Low light!
  377. The Sto-Fen Omni-Bounce diffuser in straight-on flash shooting
  378. Critique Desired: Musicians on White Seamless for Brochure
  379. A Few Seniors/Grads from Us.
  380. A cute little baby...
  381. Pullback & Final Images using Off Camera Flash Methods
  382. Blackford
  383. Stephanie
  384. Food
  385. Real and lovely
  386. Critique Desired: The Cellar
  387. Mikala
  388. Describing the "output" of a flash unit
  389. Fill flash and guide number
  390. The Canon Speedlite 270EX flash unit
  391. End of Summer Laughter
  392. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Perfume Bottle
  393. Daddy and Me
  394. Question: Mixed Light Sources: Using Daylight Flash with Tungsten Lit Stage!
  395. Ring lighting in portraiture
  396. Light This! Ask for help on lighting a particular subject. What to do with uneven overhead inadequate stage light!
  397. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Playing the Wii-weeeeeeee
  398. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Glenfiddich
  399. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) Orange & Blue Study
  400. One-source lighting for impromptu portraits
  401. In Perspective, Fun: A Cross Section of My Studio and Available Light Work for you to Download!
  402. Gear and Gadgets: Questions on choice of the tool for the job and the lke! Mobile, battery powered flash for weddings and events.
  403. Second Maternity Shoot
  404. Working with water in still life and AD photography: Episode one
  405. Hands of the Beast
  406. BOLING Studio and Portable Flashes
  407. Critique Desired: Bruised Fruit
  408. Critique Desired: A couple of the grandson
  409. New Year's Eve
  410. Charlotte Thompson
  411. In Perspective, Fun: Moods of A Princess
  412. Alternative Process: Blue Boy
  413. In Perspective, Fun: The woman with 4 legs
  414. The in-laws
  415. C&C Desired, edit & repost O.K.) An attempt at shooting candles
  416. Outdoors Man
  417. The Graduate
  418. Question: SB900 CLS Pockect Wizard AC3 TT1mini FlexTT5 QUESTION
  419. Stuff you can't do with Digital.....
  420. Portrait in Blue
  421. He always....
  422. Playing With Shop Lights
  423. Charlotterae
  424. Pretty Mama and Baby in Bluebonnets
  425. Mother Love
  426. A different mama and baby
  427. Critique Desired: A Pretty Girl
  428. bouncing flash outdoors
  429. Canon wireless flash - ratio operation
  430. Smooth Rhythm
  431. New Portrait - Cinematic Look
  432. In Perspective, Fun: The Cutest Girl I Have Ever Met ~ Tania Zheng
  433. Bride (shot with 70-200 Mk II)
  434. Free Lighting Seminar Los Angeles area
  435. Grinning Demon - HORROR
  436. Challenge: How do you fix an Icky Sticky Soft Box??
  437. ColorRight FlashRight flash diffuser
  438. Alternative Lighting 101 (HOT MODEL)
  439. Critique Desired: Panamanian food
  440. My World: Night Time Photos on Folly Beach and Isle of Palms South Carolin
  441. Tree Tomato
  442. Nik
  443. Teapots
  444. Critique Desired: Lovely High School Senior
  445. Critique Desired: Lovely Senior Take Two
  446. Critique Desired: Mr Crossman Jr
  447. Travelog: Table is Set
  448. In Perspective, Fun: My Favorite Dress Shot Ever
  449. Happy new year!!!!!
  450. Dance students
  451. B&W self portrait
  452. Critique Desired: Baby Chef
  453. Red or Blue
  454. Critique Desired: Too Pixelated?
  455. Through the lens
  456. Oven with a view
  457. Critique Desired: A love story
  458. Some images
  459. NSFW: Critique Invited: Boudoir with OCF - NSFW
  460. From Silverscape Designs, Northampton
  461. You Should Hear It
  462. Simple vice versa
  463. Some fun with a homemade softbox
  464. Cool Walk
  465. Review: A Taste of Old Hollywood
  466. Allen
  467. Going To Extremes - Dragan Effect
  468. Menace
  469. Light This! Ask for help on lighting a particular subject. Useful or unique lighting setups: share your favorites!
  470. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Alex
  471. Critique Desired: Buoys - A Study in Light, Form and Texture
  472. Tarin
  473. Tarin part 2
  474. Tarin part 3
  475. Lighting a Bottle
  476. Inspired by a profile picture
  477. Ugly Mugg
  478. Background floors
  479. My World: Sculptures in available light
  480. Cinematic Portrait
  481. Having some fun
  482. Improving my photography
  483. Critique Desired: Hollywood Glamour Portraits 8 months later
  484. I don't ever remember being that young!
  485. 1/3 of Centre of My World
  486. Self Portrait - Oil Painting
  487. Studio Portrait with Large Forma
  488. My World: Tulips Encore - Still Life
  489. My World: Flower close ups
  490. Critique Desired: Katy (Film Noir)
  491. Shellscape
  492. Sharna's
  493. Brains
  494. Untitled #3
  495. Dead Flowers, A found Still Life, Barcelona '14...
  496. Candid Portraiture
  497. 'Amazon' patented lighting setup
  498. Expsure metering for "side only" lighting
  499. Zone System help needed
  500. More play.