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  1. Has any one used Polaroid Pos/Neg Film?
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  7. Color Posterization
  8. How do you clean slides?
  9. Returning to film! Who uses what film and how do you scan it?
  10. New toy
  11. Kate Toned Cyanotype
  12. Film not dead yet :D
  13. A Few photos before I knew what I was doing
  14. Film and Visual Memory vs. the LCD
  15. 3d photos
  16. Black and White from 1967
  17. Kodak Phasing Out Film
  18. Digital Phased out Polaroid! Is Kodak next?
  19. New Online "Radio" Show About Shooting Film
  20. Gloves For Handling Film: Cotton or Vinyl?
  21. Film: Learning to ride a bike again
  22. Victorian Flour Mill
  23. "scanning" with a digital camera?
  24. 35mm film workf(s)low for Asher and anyone interested
  25. My first attempts at MF and scanning
  26. Last Saturday with the EOS 3
  27. Platinum (Ziatype) over Pigment process - Part I - The basics
  28. Platinum (Ziatype) over Pigment process - Interlude - some images
  29. Scotland..
  30. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: I have my uses!
  31. Film: scanner recommendations
  32. Film: an Ode 2 Edw Weston, with apologies
  33. Affordable Excellence in a film camera: Starting with my Yashica T4 35mm Tessar f3.5
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  35. Bringing home the shopping
  36. Question about Digital ICE on Nikon 5000 ED
  37. I was looking through some old scans
  38. Shooting B&W With Asher
  39. Street vendor
  40. Getting tired of
  41. Film: More 8X10 Brute Force....
  42. Film: A1 / FD 28mm f/2.8 wide angle /Kodak ultramax 400
  43. A couple from a coffeeshop visit with t'bairn
  44. Howdy! Film shooter new to this forum :)
  45. LF: 8X10 at 1800 metres altitude in the Australian Alps.
  46. Film: Soft focus: Yogacharini Zigi
  47. How does one
  48. Film: HDR: Wave Break, Noosa Beach.
  49. News: Steve Mc Curry
  50. Old but gold:)
  51. 4x5 instant film
  52. Film: Displaying and Preserving a Negative
  53. Film: Ektar 100
  54. old school
  55. Travelog: Tonopah 2011: Nevada Desert Treasure at 6,000 ft: Monte Cristo Castle
  56. Travelog: Tonopah's Silver mine! A Photographic Documentation of a Past Age of Enterprise!
  57. Travelog: Photographing in the Ghost Town of Goldfield, Nevada
  58. Travelog: Belmont Nevada: Decaying Buildings, Abandoned Trucks and Remnants of Mining Gear!
  59. Travelog: White Caps Mine (Nye county) Nevada
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  61. My World: Film is alive and well...
  62. My World: Edinburgh
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  64. My World: I want a beard..
  65. My World: Where are my Cigarettes?
  66. My World: Like Grain, the real thing..
  67. My World: A rose is a rose is a ..
  68. Film: Question concerning contact sheets
  69. B&W images with light fall-off (vignetting)
  70. Predicting outcomes when printing with multi-grade paper
  71. In Perspective, Fun: Going retro with film: 8x10 and direct to print 7 feet high!
  72. The impossible Project
  73. Cleaning Silver-Gelatin Negatives
  74. Testing waters with BW film
  75. A very big very old camera but new 2 me
  76. In Perspective, Planet: Film not dead yet!!
  77. BW Film and Developer choices (particularly fine grain)?
  78. Film: 1931 Houghton Butchers, 6 x 9cm Ensign Cameo
  79. Platinum (Ziatype) over Pigment process - Part II - Image Prep
  80. form & function
  81. Kodak: Will Tri-X for sure disappear?
  82. Polaroid Transfer to Honeydew Melon
  83. Film: Acadia Nat Park
  84. Santa Barbara Armada
  85. Sunflower
  86. Film: A moment ransomed against time.
  87. Film: Garradunga Hotel, Front Bar.
  88. Book Reviews and Favorites! The CONTAREX book - by Pierpaolo Ghisetti + Marco Cavina
  89. Film: Natural Mandala
  90. Swamp Sedge, Alexandria Bay.
  91. Adox mcc 110
  92. Film: Beached Boat, Lake Weyba, Afternoon.
  93. View of CofI Football Field
  94. "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions LF Series: Tera Kashmir (Your Kashmir)
  95. Film: Late Fall, Lake Jindabyne.
  96. Light metering with red 25A filter
  97. Film: Red Filter Landscape
  98. LF: To reflect and to reflect upon.
  99. Film: Cane Chairs
  100. Pinhole: Polaroid?
  101. Film: Red Light District.
  102. Film: Mathematician's Sideboard.
  103. LF: f128: Snow Gum Dance
  104. Film: Snow Gum Hollow, Mount Wheatley
  105. Just for Fun No C&C will be given: Your first darkroom!
  106. Soft focus. Again.
  107. My World: The Only Real Reason for Large Format Cameras; Wollensak Verito and their ilk