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  1. The ISO definition of dynamic range - new tutorial article
  2. And the alternative to raw data is . . .
  3. Vignetting on Full-frame sensor quantified (with 2 lenses)
  4. When and why would you use ISO 50?
  5. pixels or PIXELS??
  6. so when do we get professional sensors?
  7. Live LCD ?
  8. ISO Expansion Question
  9. Trade-offs between high speed and image quality versus high resolution
  10. "Cosine fourth" falloff - tutorial article updated
  11. Real four-dimensional photography
  12. Slave Flash Delay????????
  13. Clear sight without glasses? - Film at 11
  14. New article on setting exposure by Ev
  15. Calculating the correction for rear coated reflex mirror thickness!
  16. Aperture with diffraction blur, shutter speed 1/60 sharpening problem!
  17. What settings should i use for taking photos at Gigs/Concert?
  18. Mystery 35-mm film
  19. little fx-exercise in water and liquids . .
  20. Auto white balance
  21. Infinity Focusing
  22. Combing Artifacts at intermediate ISO's. Does it effect the 1D Series Cameras
  23. Shift in focal plane by adding a glass plate - tutorial article
  24. Exposure metering and the infamous 18% calibration - new tutorial article
  25. Do curves throw you a curve?
  26. Expose to the Right and High(er) ISO
  27. HOYA UV Filters for Digital Cameras
  28. A little something on "exposure"
  29. A little something on "Ev"
  30. The Zone System on Wikipedia
  31. Photographic Photometry - New tutorial article
  32. An amusing gaffe in an ISO standard
  33. Another caution about "Ev"
  34. New measures of sensitivity - Tutorial article
  35. Closed Out!! Can one make a graphics card to use the Express Slot of the MacBook Pro?
  36. Effect of bit depth on noise
  37. Reformatting of CF memory cards, and cooties
  38. why does color saturation change with exposure?
  39. Digital B&W IR Camera????
  40. Noise vs EV
  41. Mirror Lock Up....or not?
  42. hd photo to become jpeg xr
  43. What causes differences in "noise grain" among cameras?
  44. EOS 20D etc - chart of CF04 implications
  45. Photographic Photometry 101 - corrected issue
  46. some beautyful panoramas:
  47. Tone mapping?
  48. Amazingly natural looking new exposure blending method
  49. Pentax K10D and older Pentax or Sigma lenses without an A setting
  50. A (very rare) recommendation for a DPR thread, on fundamental image quality.
  51. just a tip when trying to burn/dodge
  52. ISO definition of dynamic range - tutorial article updated
  53. 14 bit uncompressed vs lossless compressed
  54. Adobe enters the lens market....
  55. Great B&W's on Digital?
  56. Crop Factor & Magnification Factor
  57. Panoramic pivot point - demonstration images
  58. Panoramic pivot point - tutorial article updated and expanded
  59. Are There Any Risks?
  60. Colour Accuracy
  61. Liquid Lenses: 5-9MP Phone cameras later this year Digicams next?
  62. New pano player - with extended features
  63. The output of phtographic flash units - tutorial article updated
  64. Some confusion about the circle
  65. Wide rectlinear Pano - straighten-possibility?
  66. A recommended lecture, when you dig sensor physics
  67. Digital Tri-X?
  68. Bracketeer/Enfuse or PhotoAucte: which is better?
  69. Is Analog film likely to have more fine data within it's optical sensitivity range?
  70. Pano's, should I be refocusing?
  71. What happened to my thread?
  72. The 18% misunderstanding
  73. "Incident" and "reflected" white balance measurements
  74. The pellicle mirror
  75. Sensor sizes - new tutorial article
  76. Auto ISO and number of RAW bits needed at higher ISO values
  77. Noise and Grain
  78. On "perspective distortion" and "distance compression"
  79. Sigma buys Foveon
  80. Stitching night sky?
  81. DOF-question - D. K?
  82. The MOTHER of all Film vs. Digital debates
  83. On dynamic range
  84. DXO Launches Image Quality Site
  85. imaging a manuscript
  86. Wish List: If one could access all the addresses and controls in digital cameras.
  87. Car photograpy using CGI
  88. How Many Times Can You Install CS4?
  89. It's 18% time again
  90. Antiquities. Kodak .kdc files. how 2 open
  91. Photoshop For Free
  92. About projection(s)
  93. What is a kilopixel?
  94. Binary prefixes for units - New Tutorial Article
  95. Bayer Filter, sensor, bit depth
  96. The Fourier analysis tool in Microsoft Excel - new tutorial article
  97. RAW Bit-depth, levels, LUTs
  98. Capture NX 2.1 VS Lightroom 2.3
  99. Apical's "Iridix" dynamic range technology
  100. advice requested on sequence of steps in raw conversion
  101. LCD fades when going from off to on, Need Help!!!
  102. Noise, bit depth, and dynamic range - Tutorial paper
  103. About the word "exposure"
  104. The sYCC color space
  105. Macro vs extension tube
  106. The "ART" of noise.....
  107. The f word revisited
  108. The f-number - new technical article
  109. Image making: macro or micro?
  110. Pixel war over? An interesting article about Moore's Law at LL.
  111. B&W settings?
  112. On "full frame"
  113. What does higher ISO in digital give us? Is it really a higher ISO?
  114. What 3rd party firmware exists? Canon: Firmware update for 5D to match 5DII? Why not!
  115. CCD inventors receive Nobel Prize in Physics
  116. INformation on a Marion Co. Ltd. camera
  117. About IPTC metadata
  118. OPF on a Cell Phone: Reports, Ideas, Improvements we can use!
  119. Alternative Process: Panoramas: Camera Position Optimization
  120. Simulated painting
  121. A camera designed for Expose-to-the-Right metering?
  122. Film: ETTR with Film in Low light: What Films and Processing for usable pictures?
  123. Hasselblad H3DIII-50MS with unique color detection
  124. Chrominance subsampling - Technical article reissued
  125. Advances in technology
  126. What tethered shooting experience do you have to share?
  127. Metering, ISO sensitivity, and stuff
  128. ISO sensitivity and noise - an alternative outlook
  129. Quantizing (and) noise in digital photography
  130. Effective focal length vs full-frame 35-mm equivalent focal length
  131. Effective focal length
  132. Estimating scene luminance in lux
  133. Telephoto "reach"
  134. Camera shake
  135. MiniTT1 and FlexTT5
  136. Dertmining MTF with a slant edge target - New technical article
  137. Quantizing and Noise in Digital Phtography - New technical article
  138. Dimensional analysis - new technical article
  139. Tethered or remote focus: adjusting as if in manual mode?
  140. The semianuual 18% lecture
  141. The "Zone System" and digital exposure metering
  142. The Canon sRaw format - New technical article
  143. The color space of demosaiced raw data
  144. Power and exponential functions
  145. Your favorite MF or 35 mm format lenses that are free of CA and have high resolution?
  146. The "primaries" of a digital camera sensor
  147. The CIE XYZ and xyY color spaces - new technical article
  148. Metameric error - New technical article
  149. Chromaticity, chrominance, and chroma
  150. The Proper Pivot Point for Panoramic Photography
  151. Magnification, frame size, and field size
  152. The mathematics of "flash fill"
  153. Intrduction to coded character sets - ASCII and Unicode
  154. The "light gathering power" of a lens
  155. AF accuracy specifications
  156. The "potency" of light
  157. The Fourier transform tool in Excel
  158. The inverse square law
  159. Lambert's law
  160. How to Replicate Photohsop's Unsharp Mask
  161. How about an F-Cam? Yes, computational camera from your Nokia phone!
  162. Interlaced and progressive "scan" video
  163. The "high-speed sync" mode of Canon Speedlite flash units
  164. Measuring camera's saturation point in ADU; two different readings
  165. The "offset" in Canon raw files
  166. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: ExifTool
  167. The color gamut of the sRGB color space
  168. The hyperfocal distance
  169. For D.Kerr: about split prism...
  170. Thanks
  171. The "gain" of a sensor-ADC chain
  172. Defining more than routine 3-axis "Color Space" from a camera imaging system..
  173. Depth of field: the circle of confusion diameter limit
  174. What is (de)convolution?
  175. Mitgating image degradation from diffraction
  176. Effective f-number
  177. A "simulation" of mitgation of diffraction with deconvolution
  178. The concept of density functions
  179. The "digital negative" metaphor
  180. Metrics for hue and saturation?
  181. Helicon Focus - focus stacking for enhanced DoF
  182. Effective watt-seconds - a nice idea done badly
  183. Effective watt-seconds - a shorter story
  184. The modulation transfer function (MTF) - a tutorial
  185. MTF and the slant edge target
  186. Lens MTF and resolution
  187. Effective focal length
  188. Cameras compensating for an undesirable phenomenon
  189. f-number and focal plane illuminance
  190. "Center of the lens"?
  191. Eyeglass lenses and "vertex power"
  192. Exposure meter calibration
  193. The Fujifilm Finepix X100 camera
  194. About Ev
  195. Position encoders and the Gray code
  196. Sensor size in the form "1/1.8 inches"
  197. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: A new resolution test target
  198. Canon EOS Autofocus - BFCV and micro-adjust (MA)
  199. Increasing sensitivity to light: in camera or in post?
  200. Viewfinding
  201. Pelliculi, pellicula
  202. Chicken nodal soup
  203. "Cropped" sensors
  204. Photoshop - the "light gray checkerboard"
  205. Perspective - and focal length
  206. My World: I do not want a physics degree..
  207. Art imitates art - the scene slate/clap stick
  208. Depth of field and sensor size
  209. About (de)convolution - 3 parts
  210. The antialiasing filter - how does it work?
  211. About expsure index
  212. A dome of its own: incident light metering
  213. About incident light expsure metering
  214. On the terms "lossless" and "lossy" compression
  215. Chromaticity shift in RGB tonal remapping
  216. About "dynamic range"
  217. Scientific notation and floating-point representation
  218. Depth of Field Calculation: Choosing an appropriate COC, Circle of Confusion in UULF
  219. Depth of field and that pesky circle of confusion
  220. Electronic shuttery
  221. Considerations of "thickness" of film plane and sensitivity to lack of flatness etc.
  222. Depth of focus
  223. About "high dynamic range"
  224. Scheimpflug revisted - "new old text"
  225. Quantifying the amount of information in a data set
  226. Line timing in digital video
  227. Moiré Mitigation in Layers of Material
  228. Wet Mounting directly on scanner bed of Epson V700
  229. About "RJ-45" connectors
  230. Electronic first curtain operation?
  231. The "reach" of a lens
  232. The antialiasing filter
  233. Tricolor sensor in a Canon camera
  234. True tristimulus color sensor in Canon C300 "Cinema EOS" camera
  235. Aliasing and demosaicing
  236. Reconstruction of a sampled "signal"
  237. Art and artifact(s) in digital telephone transmission
  238. Demosaicing artifacts
  239. Sampling as modulation - new technical article
  240. What's the state of in-camera auto HDR?
  241. Evolution of Photography: What to expect next?
  242. Ken Tanaka's article on the Online Photographer: Shooting JPEG Instead of Raw
  243. My Review of the Reikan Focal Pro Lens Microadjustment System
  244. News: Cheaper full frame cameras expected.
  245. Filters and ghosting
  246. Viewfinders and equivalents (ground glass, screen, etc...)
  247. The trouble with focal lengths
  248. Off-setting a Light Meter
  249. Thoughts on cameras with small sensors
  250. The fundamental premise of "single-valued" expsure metering
  251. Uncluttered viewfinder?
  252. New Canon GPS Technology.
  253. Background isolation...perception
  254. The Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor
  255. Do you know this camera ?
  256. About depth of field
  257. IR focus shift and hyperfocal distance
  258. Helpful Hints/D.I.Y.: A new tool for the production of high quality output
  259. Sensor size and depth of field
  260. Combining factors affecting resolution
  261. DoF planning for electronic viewing
  262. DoF and "downsized" images
  263. DoF and "negligible" decline in sharpness
  264. On the "reach" of a camera
  265. Depth of field and out-of-focus blur performance
  266. DoF planning with downsampled output
  267. Resolution, the MTF, and all that
  268. Aberrations, defocus, diffraction, and the MTF
  269. A paradox of depth of field reckoning
  270. On human visual acuity
  271. Macrophotography - the silly 1:1 criterion
  272. The DxO "low-light ISO" metric
  273. Size matters, but just how?
  274. The "petal" lens hood
  275. SQF, an objective metric for image "sharpness"
  276. On the resolution of the human eye
  277. Ev as a measure of scene luminance - ugh!
  278. Mathematical Puzzle
  279. Extension tubes - new technical article
  280. On anti-aliasing filters
  281. On "teleconverters"
  282. On the bandwidth of analog telephone circuits
  283. The "aperture effect" and alsiing in sampling
  284. Excellent paper on CFA sensor tradeoffs
  285. CFA sensors and the antialising filter conundrum
  286. On the frequency response of our antialising filters
  287. Chromaticity and Chrominance in Color Definition
  288. Antialising filters and the G "channel"
  289. The "1 inch" sensor size
  290. The "1/n inch" convention for sensor size
  291. New version of DxO Optics Pro with PRIME noise reduction
  292. Viewfinder paramaters
  293. EVF luminance and such
  294. What goes around comes around
  295. EVF "requirements"
  296. New term needed
  297. Determining the size of the viewfinder image
  298. ..is it Heresy?
  299. The ideal viewfinder?
  300. "Dynamic range" and EVFs
  301. Non-reflex optical viewfinders
  302. "Real image" optical viewfinders
  303. The Hybrid viewfinder of the Fuji X100
  304. On the dynamic range of an imaging system
  305. Signal to noise ratio in imaging systems
  306. On sampling aperture rolloff
  307. A special note
  308. On color filter array (CFA) sensing
  309. Linear and areal resolution
  310. The antialising filter "paradox"
  311. On the "resolution" of a photographic system - again
  312. Sampling, reconstruction, and the sampling aperture
  313. Telecentricity and pupil magnification
  314. Optical theory online book from astronomy perspective
  315. Circle of confusion confusion
  316. Masters & A.Gursky …why film?
  317. A true colour future.
  318. The "[ff35] equivalent f-number"
  319. JPEG and the darker areas
  320. sRGB luminance precision
  321. The discrete cosine transforn (DCT) in JPEG encoding
  322. Obilquity, the flange-back distance, and stuff
  323. The Kell factor
  324. The tale of two filters
  325. Diffraction and MTF
  326. CFA sensors and their Nyquist frequencies
  327. Four Thirds System - format size and aspect ratio
  328. More on the MTF of the diffraction phenomenon
  329. "Compression of distance"
  330. The Dawes and Rayleigh criteria
  331. At MTF basis for reckoning depth of field
  332. Overcoming aliasing "in software"
  333. The subjective quality factor (SQF)
  334. ASCII approaches age 51
  335. "ASCII" and "ANSI" character sets
  336. "JND" notation
  337. Metrics for "sharpness"
  338. About the "power spectral density" curve of an image
  339. On "MTF" and "SFR"
  340. On the names of functions and their variables
  341. Apex - its use and abuse
  342. On the ISO SOS and ISO REI metrics for sensitivity
  343. JPEG compression level
  344. JPEG compression level setting
  345. JPEG quaility aspirations
  346. About quantization
  347. New techncial article, "The mechanics of the JPEG image encoding system"
  348. The proper pivot point for panoramic photography
  349. The two faces of "depth of field"
  350. The out of focus blur figure of a point source
  351. The sign over the door
  352. Spherical aberration and coma
  353. The special ingredients of the Minolta/Sony STF 135mm f/2.8 [T4.5] lens
  354. Spherical aberration, focus, and autofocus
  355. An APEX curiosity
  356. Zone System practice and expsure metering
  357. Canon EOS 40D - exposure metering calibration test
  358. Expsure metering and automatic exposure control
  359. How things can go wrong
  360. About incident light metering
  361. Film speed - arithmetic and logarithmic
  362. Doug Kerr's Technical Notes
  363. Thanks
  364. White balance color correction meaurement
  365. DoF "equivalent aperture"
  366. Format size and blur performance
  367. The Canon sRaw and raw output formats
  368. Comparing exposure meter indications
  369. Free-standing exposure meters and ISO SOS
  370. Expsure meter "calibration"
  371. Incident light metering - Norwood's dome, and noodle, revisted
  372. Incident light exposure metering - real and emulated
  373. Incident light exposure meters - the retracting dome
  374. Luminous flux density - yes, we do measure it
  375. Norwood's dome pondered again
  376. Exposure metering - new techncial article
  377. On expsure result objectives, and incident light metering
  378. Norton's dome - the final (?) mystery solved
  379. New techincal article - "The Hemispherical Receptor Incident Light Exposure Meter"
  380. That old 18% - a blast from the past
  381. Synthetic aperture photography
  382. Exposure meters - never mind
  383. Can we accept modern art filters as just new variants in processing?
  384. About some photographic expsure meters
  385. A shock about lens transmission
  386. Expsure metering - a gaffe in the international standard
  387. The "dome" of incident light exposure meters
  388. New technical arrticle: A "gaffe" in an ISO standard
  389. Why the quality of a Leica lens is better
  390. Sleep Walking Photographers
  391. Clouds
  392. Couple questions about measuring MTF of camera
  393. 5/8 Spring Another day of Alts
  394. lumix fz 200 - problem
  395. MTF and the "modulation transfer coeffcient"
  396. On the two meanings of "modulation transfer function" (MTF)
  397. Demosaicing algorithms
  398. The canon "sRaw" and "mRaw" output formats
  399. A new sensor size taxonomy
  400. On sensor sizes
  401. Dpreview quotes Doug Kerr in understanding low light performance
  402. Depth of field and out-of-focus blur
  403. Canon-log - a new compression algorithm
  404. Ev is not the measure of everything, and not the unit of anything
  405. Norwood's dome revisted
  406. An excuse to discussing "Great Color" and getting to it!
  407. Graphics Processor usage in LR6/CC and Capture One 8.3.2
  408. Lighting in the color balancing suite
  409. The many roles of look up tables
  410. Metameric error in our sensors; camera-lens profiles
  411. White balance color correction
  412. My World: Is it difficulty?
  413. About matrix multiplication
  414. Sensor color behavior and the DxO report
  415. Lens corrections in Leica raw (DNG) files
  416. About sensor "channel sensitivities"
  417. Value compression of raw data in the Leica M8
  418. Chromatic transformation "DNG style"
  419. The Canon sRaw and mRaw output formats - updated technical article
  420. A mystery about lens AF calibration and micro AF adjustement
  421. Best focus adjustment for Canon EF lenses
  422. How many photons?
  423. Some things about "expsure metering"
  424. About "quantizing noise"
  425. Ways to characterize the "dynamic range" of a camera
  426. Describing sensor sizes
  427. The ruler of thirds - a new way to describe sensor sizes
  428. Format size and bokeh
  429. A reminder about "ISO sensitivity"
  430. About the ClearType system
  431. About "descriptive geometry"
  432. About "equivalent f-number"
  433. Diffraction mitigation on the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
  434. Zoom vs. crop
  435. The "dual pixel raw" output of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  436. "Super 35" sensor sizes?
  437. Sensor size and "print size"
  438. Silent shutter - take care or be creative
  439. Emulating incident light metering
  440. Norwood's dome - what's with that?
  441. About viewfinder magnification
  442. On macrophotography and "1:1" image magnifcation
  443. Canon patent for a reversible lens
  444. Mirror imaging
  445. The color-detemining capability of camera sensors
  446. The DxOMark sensor color response report
  447. sRGB - the white point and recommended viewing environment
  448. News: A paradigm change: programmatic photography.
  449. Measuring a Camera's "ISO"
  450. "DNG profile" what is it?
  451. Color: Fact or Perception?
  452. On the color of light
  453. About color temperature
  454. Panasonic FF by 2025
  455. Perfect camera for vintage lenses
  456. A little bit about diffraction
  457. The danger of "equivalent f-number"
  458. About viewfinder "magnfication"
  459. Chroma subsampling
  460. A handy metric for "noise performance potential"