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Marc Hankins
July 30th, 2007, 06:33 PM
Bit of a general post here, while on a 6 day hike the other week, my 30D woke me up from my sleep taking pictures on its own. (it was sitting right next to my head) It's not really a good alarm clock to have. To my shock, I found it sitting in 1cm of water. On its back. Marc here isn't happy.

I leave it to dry for a day, It's still taking pictures. Phew! But what's this? The menu keys on the beck don't work? Nuts. I'll leave it another day, see how it is.

Next day, the shutter key kind of works, and the screen on the back is flickering. Not cool. Menu keys working again mind!

24 hours later, Screen is fine, keys are fine, shutter is also fine, but the little LCD display is severely flickering, bah!

Another day later, the LCD is back (woo!) but the monitor is now totally dead (damnit!)

Marc being really worried now, and not really wanting to call the insurance guys decides to leave it for one more night...

IT LIVES! The camera somehow is now and still is working perfectly! I love you 30D! You are surely invincible! Nothing will put this camera down! Mwah! Mwah!

After that amazing story, I was wondering if other people have put any of their cameras through their paces and survived surprising circumstances. Or if you have successfully taken a camera out, how did you do it? All my cameras seem to keep taking a hell of a bashing!

August 4th, 2007, 09:59 AM
Well....a friend of mines just died....still under warranty. Sent to Canon and it had corroded circuit cards....and Canon has claim, probably reasonably, user damage and the cost will be ~$600.

He is an amatuer nature shooter...and does not remember more than occasionally sweating on it....but may have had rain or high humidity while out and about.

I would suggest you go to a reputable shop and have them open and clean out the insides...just to be safe.

But insurance is the ultimate way to go....