View Full Version : EOS 40D is here!

Nikolai Sklobovsky
August 19th, 2007, 11:03 PM

Marc Hankins
August 20th, 2007, 05:18 AM
This is a pretty interesting upgrade here, Not much in the way of "Holy cow! I can't believe they managed that!" but it is looking very refined and polished, much more so then the 20/30D.

There's an awful lot of stuff in there that I'd like on my 20D/30D bodies, but I can't say it'd be worth the money it will be when it first enters stores.

Though it'll be comforting to know that future bodies will have all this stuff and more for when it comes to replacing a body. :) The replaceable focusing screens and the new grips look really really good. Alas, maybe on day when i actually need to get a new body.

Personally the "weather sealing" doesn't bother me much, the sealing on the CF door/ battery compartment are the last of my worries, the electrical contacts are FAR inside the body, nearly certainly too far in for rain to reach. I'd be much happier with water sealed buttons.

Also, the IS lens updates look very interesting for people on a budget. Canon clearly trying to compete with the in body Anti-Shake types.

[EDIT] Also the new AF system looks really hardcore! I REALLY could do with that!

Nikolai Sklobovsky
August 20th, 2007, 10:16 AM
Marc, I agree.

The things I don't care much:
* 10mp (vs 8mp)
* partial sealing (you can't be partially pregnant)
* antidust thingie (from all the reviews, it compilcates thigns a lot but does not help much compared to a $10 blower)

The things I do like:
* sRAW
* interchangeable focusing screen
* wireless transmitter
* Live View
* improved buffer and continuos drive speed
* 3" LCD
* improved menu system
* improved AF system
* extended CFs
* ISO in the VF (at last)
* 3 user settings

It also looks like it's grip/battery compatible with 20D/30D, so this is great, since I can still use my 30D as a spare and they will be interchangeable...

I may wanna snatch one even at the premium price.:-)