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Scott Comeau
January 23rd, 2008, 02:00 AM

I have two Digital Camaras - Canon EOS 30D and Nikon D200 that I have with
me out in the cold weather in New England.

They are always in the Tamrac cases.

Most of the time the Camaras travel with me and are exposed to 20 - 35 F temps for 6 - 8 Hours before I can get back to the bus and get the heater started and warmed up.

Will this cause damage to the camaras ?

I never use them before they have the chance to get warmed up for an hour or so before use.

Thanks for any help you can give me


janet Smith
January 23rd, 2008, 02:55 AM
Hi Scott

I've just come back from Scotland, during our trip there was a spell of very cold weather, falling to about -12 to -15 C (sorry I don't do farenheit). I spent several hours walking in -5C (I think about 28F) with my cameras. Apologies if my conversions are wrong here, but the cameras were fine I have Canon EOS20D which my husband was using, and Canon EOS5D. We did take the precaution of charging the batteries daily, and putting sachets of silica gel in bags, not changing lenses outside in the cold damp air, leaving equipment in their bags in the house for a few hours for them to come back to room temperature before getting them out.

The biggest problem was breathing anywhere near the camera, to the extent on the coldest day, the camera could only be used on a tripod with remote shutter release, as our breath was drifting downwards and condensing on the lens.

I'm sure someone else will have worked in much lower temperatures than I have, but I would think it unlikely to cause damage, I think there will probably be some guidance in the manufacturers information about operating in low temperatures.

Hope this helps.

Nikolai Sklobovsky
January 23rd, 2008, 08:52 AM
Regardless of the camera type and brand, cold weather always has the following impact on your gear:

1) batteries usually do NOT like cold, so using an external pack that you can keep on your body under the clothing may be a good idea
2) sensors DO like the cold, so you can expect a lower noise level even during the long shots
3) the single most important factor is a condensation due to the fast switch between cold outdoors and warm indoors (in this order, i.e. coming from the cold). To avoid it, keep you camera in a thick bag (any regualr photobag is ok) while returning to warmth and do NOT take it out of that bag (do not even open the bag) for an hour or two. It may be a good idea to eject the memory cards while still outdoors, so you can start process them immediately while letting the camera sit in the bag. Same goes about the batteries - you can immediately put then on charger, again withou risking exposing your cold camera to the warmth of your room.

While shooting, once you get your camera out - keep it out. If you don't have battery pack you can simply eject the batteries and keep then on you if you expect a prolonged period of non-shooting while exposed to the cold.

I thought it's funny that the title says "40D" and you're talking about 30D and D200 :-)

Scott Comeau
January 23rd, 2008, 02:39 PM
Thanks all for your nice replys and help !

As for the:

PS I thought it's funny that the title says "40D" and you're talking about 30D and D200 :-)

I own a Canon EOS40D and a Nikon D200 both I like in each way they do things I like.
But I have to make room for the replacment of the Canon 5D that I would like to buy when it comes out.

Looks like what I find out about it on the web say's it might be released at the photokina photo show in Cologne Germany this fall - Wish I could go to the show as
I was in Frakfurt Germany all summer but don't think I can make it back next fall

But the Canon 5D replacment should be a great camara !