View Full Version : What's after the 1D Mark II?

Jane Auburn
August 16th, 2006, 10:11 AM
Is Canon coming out with a hybrid model next? Or will they stick with the dual-body approach? Any theories?

Tim Dolan (Longwatcher)
August 16th, 2006, 01:06 PM
Prior to a few weeks ago I expected a 22Mp, 8+FPS merged camera coming in around $7-8k initially with maybe higher DR.

Right now, based on the latest rumors that seem more reliable, I am expecting that I WON'T be spending any money this fall on a new camera. Either because it will be a 2x camera that goes out of my price bracket or it doesn't meet my requirements for a new camera. A 1DsmkIIN with just a bigger screen is a waste of money at this time in my book)

But I plan on waiting at least one week and no longer then the start of Photokina 2006 on where that money will go instead if the current rumors hold true.

What I hope for is a 1DsMkII with higher FPS (preferably 8+) (and without crop at that speed) and a higher dynamic range approaching B+W film. If it has more MP without reducing IQ then bonus.

Now I am really hoping Canon surprises me and maybe comes out with that 2x camera for around $5k (okay I can do 8k if I had to) and the rumor I can still use my EF lenses are true, that I could go for. (in which case I may be asking if anyone wants to pay at least 5k for a true Hasselblad collectable camera (500 ELM Lunar edition serial #0002) body, back and lens (80mm))

In any case they will or won't announce something next week and if they don't they will or won't by Photokina. After that point I literally won't expect anything until Spring at the earliest. And it is all beyond my control.

Patience, must have patience... (at least I keep telling myself that)

Alan T. Price
September 1st, 2006, 10:35 AM
They basically have two classes of dSLR - pro and non-pro.

Pro bodies have the best technology of the day including the AF system and the shutter and mirror box. And the most rugged construction.

The others have varying features and are built cheaper for less demanding users.

The dSLRs can also be categorised by sensor size - 1.6 CF, 1.3 CF and full frame.

1.6CF was necessary to introduce smaller cameras and lenses to compete with other brands.

1.3CF is the biggest sensor they can make without incurring significantly and disproportionately higher costs.

FF is the most expensive and was mostly too expensive.

Enter the 5D, a dumbed down FF linking the non-pro and FF categories.

So what's missing ? What gap(s) can be filled ? In my opinion the only gap in the range worth filling is a non-pro body with the pro AF system. It'll be a 1.6CF or 1.3CF sensor with the 45-point AF. It may not happen yet but it is sure to come one day as the oppostion closes the gap between their products and Canons products, and the Canon pro bodies start looking way too expensive for what they offer the non-pro enthusiast users who form a large part of the pro-body market.