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Real Names, First and Family name, absolutely required!
We are a community that discusses photographer's ideas and goals in making impressive images. OPF is not an impersonal bulletin board where folk can hide behind false identities, "handles" or aliases and then have no accountability. We consider that discussion takes place as if we are guests in a member's private living room. With such hospitality, we get to know each other as real people. While variance my be requested in exceptional circumstances, we routinely delete new registrations not using real names!

Terms of Service, TOS
The Terms of Service, referred to as TOS, are described in the front of the OPF website. We wish to welcome those passionate in the various fields of photography and related image processing and printing. We hope people will share photography experience, nurture each other and inspire greater expression of creativity. We do try to accommodate different points of view and styles. Still, this community needs to function in a positive cohesive fashion. Where the publisher, as his own discretion feels someone does not fit in to our community, that person may be suspended from activity to create a cooling off period. Some perfectly fine folk simply might not fit in at all with a particular set of photographers. Membership to Open Photography Forums, at http://openphotography OPF is granted at the judgement, discretion and whim or the owner and publisher and that can be withdrawn at any time, for any reason or without any reason being given. A registrant can be made inactive, deleted or even banned from OPF and that is the risk one takes in registering to join OPF. The registrant hereby forfeits any and all claims of damage incurred, whether real, direct or indirect that might occur as a result of being made inactive, rejected, deleted from registration or banned. This statement and the rest of this set of FAQ in addition to the FAQ in front of the OPF website, should be considered integral parts of the TOS.

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Posting images or text grants license to OPF, yet of such remain with its creator. Still, all assembled discussion 2006-2017 Asher Kelman (all rights reserved) Posts with new theme or unusual image might be moved/copied to a new thread!