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Colleen Vermillion November 20th, 2008 09:50 AM

DXO Launches Image Quality Site

Quote: (beta version) is a new website featuring the first database of objective digital camera image quality measurements entirely accessible via the internet. In addition to the Image Quality Database itself, proposes a new scale, the DxOMark Sensor scale, that enables to rank digital camera with a single number: an easy tool for photographers to evaluate and compare models.
I have a healthy amount of skepticism that one rating number will be even partially useful because image quality can be dramatically affected by firmware updates. Most of my criterion for choosing a particular camera is usability and feature sets these days. The quality differences among sensors are generally not so large that they can't be compensated for with decent software. I did find the extra sensors in Fuji's Super CCD to be intriguing when we were reverse engineering the format, but then again the results I've seen from the HDR folks can push an image much further. My opinion is that hardcore hardware analysis is sort of a niche and that most people are more interested in overall assessments. What do y'all think?


Michael Fontana November 20th, 2008 10:10 AM

Hi Colleen

while it's true what you say, still it might be interesting - for some - to look at the source point. The advantage of that mehode looks to me, to avoid some biasing °im between-stuff° like RC's etc, which have their own strengt and weak side, too, and might therefore influence the comparison.

Nice to get °proved° with numbers, that even my 1 Ds-2 vom ole 04 is still a good cam ;-)

Mike Shimwell November 20th, 2008 04:35 PM

I think it has it's uses, DXo are up front in making the point that actually it's about what should be available from the camera independent of raw converter impact. One use is to demonstrat that actually, in spite of different emphases, the high end canons and nikons are very similar in effciency and that much of the internet posturing is nonsense.

I was disappointed that I couldn't find any results for my interchangeable sensor Ikon though:)


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