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Asher Kelman November 12th, 2008 01:24 PM

One Places Open For Alain Briot Workshop December 2008 and 2009
Updated November 21st 2008

As many know, I believe in guided photo-workshops! One can efficiently and hopefully safely get to those out-of the-way places one yearns to photograph. The idea is to still make it in budget! Alain know the areas he has workshops.

2008: I understand that there's still one place in his December workshop in Death Valley. It's some money for sure, but $1295 seems in line for this 4 1/2 day experience. Early December 2008.

Alain Briot Source

Workshops 2009

A new Antelope Canyon Workshop is now available for May 2009. It is already partly filled from our waitlist, but seats do remain available if you cat quickly. At this time this workshop is only announced through this newsletter:

A new Death Valley Workshop for March 2009 is also available:

Let me know if you go as we'd love to hear your experience!


If you know of any other interesting workshops, coming up, (especially if economical), let me know by PM!

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