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Thanks. I am still on the way to explore the functions of the camera. Expect additions in the future.

The post-processing was minimal - almost exclusively cropping and very few minor contrast/brightness adjustments. The jpegs were used, I did not feel a need to switch to RAW.

For the print sizes:
The wasp pictures are heavily cropped, but could be printed up to 5x7 inch for the rectangular crops and 6x6 inch for the square crop.
The pictures from the hike could be printed at a size up to 10x15 inch at 240dpi.

The rest is in the order of 9x12 inch up to 10x15 inch.

The noise is not that bad - it often looks more like grain.

In low-light situations it beneficial to reduce the resolution from 12Mpix to 6Mpix to fully profit from the EXR modes of the sensor. This is rewarded with more details while these are otherwise destroyed by the denoising, which is more aggressive at the full resolution.

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