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Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post
There is fun and the camera stands rarely in the way between me and the picture I intend to take. This is a very important thing for me.


This is so important. Even with the Canon 5D II and the 100 mm 2.8L Macro lens, the little black GXR with the 28-300 lens is so user-friendly and unintrusive that there's hardly ever any perturbation of the scene of people I want to photograph. What's more DOF always helps and focus is fast. It seems that the X-10 shares these qualities. I'd say, in fact, that having such a tiny camera can improve a lot of work.

I have not tried the X-10 but your report makes me very interested in the coming Fuji APS-C sized compact mirror-less camera. Small black camera are the way to go!

Keep on with your report!

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