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Originally Posted by scott kirkpatrick
I've never learned to do that. Does it require a trip to Photoshop? I just set C1's output specification to get 800 px width. Anyway, short description of copyright overlay would be appreciated and useful in the future.
C1 only lets you control the width so in this case would need to be set to 537 or 538 (if uncropped) in order to give ~800 V.

Yes, superimposing copyright does require a trip to PS. Just select the type tool, type away and you get a new text layer. The easiest way to get the copyright symbol is to copy/paste. I usually just grab from the bottom of this web page, then edit text as desired.

Tips on the type tool. After entering your text, you typically may want to change the font, size, or color. If you first select a different tool (eg "move"), then reselect the type tool, then changes to the pulldowns or color will reflect on existing text. Otherwise you've got to select the text and the select inverse gums up what you see (there's a way to hide the select but I can never remember the trick). If you click on the font pulldown you can thumbwheel scroll thru the fonts, previewing, although for some reason this doesn't work on my office computer and I have to use the down/up arrows. Also, if you hold down CTRL while in the type tool you get the move tool. You also get it if you move the cursor away from the text.

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