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When reading the mind fly...

I wanted some “depth”, punch colors and good skin, so I converted 3 TIFs with different
contrast(Silkypix contrast center) the picture is divided in 3 parts diagonal, the first girl(reading),
the second girl and the light post.
With Photshop CS2 I mixed the 3 parts with masks.
The first received the brightest and the last received the darkest.
The darkest also received more red.
The “depth” effect is clearly seen if you look at the sidewalk.

Lost fragments lies around...

I wanted to isolate this thing, so nothing special here just plain PhotoShop trick.

The time has come, but one last view before going back...

I wanted contrast punch colors and to equilibrate the sky with the ground, so I divided the
photo into 2 parts the sky and ground and converted 2 TIFs with different settings
and mixed them with PhotoShop using layer masks.
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