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Originally Posted by scott kirkpatrick
I've never learned to do that. Does it require a trip to Photoshop? I just set C1's output specification to get 800 px width. Anyway, short description of copyright overlay would be appreciated and useful in the future. I can fix this one by replacing the file once it is labelled.

My version looked a little wetter and colder than the original, but that was probably what the day was like.

For anyone who needes to brush up on adding a Jane Photographer Just open CS2 or any other version, click on the TEXT symbol in the tools and draw a text box you can write in. On the Mac as you know is option G so that is easy. You then select that text and make it whatever type face size, style and color you think fits and put it at an edge. If you use the corner tool you can even rotate the text box and then you can put it on one side.

If you click on another layer the move tool will let you move it.

Save and then flatten a duplicate copy of the file by going as you know to Layers, drop down to flatten.

Please save these files as I may want to print them!

In the end, we'll resize them all and put them up in a matrix. I'll ask you for the smaller sizes later!

For now, I like the versioning. We should also have B&W since that's where the M8 must excel!

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