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Default My take on these wonderful shots...

Ok, so here's something a wee bit different on these wonderful images (thanks Asher; thanks Steven)...

These are C1 develops from profiles I've been playing with that have "film curves" built into them.

What does that mean? It means I'm trying to work the colour response and contrast response of some well known negative and postive films into the actual profiles in C1. Less work in PS (I'm with Don on this!), but also quite a different take on images.

The M8 is one of the first cameras I've seen that has a combination of tone and color response that makes this sort of doable.

Anyway, they profiles are not nearly done, and I'm actually having a bit of trouble right now with the contrast ;) But I thought I'd use them anyway to get to a different interpretation of the files.

So this is my "Fuji Provia (400, I think)" curved profile.

One develop in C1 for each of these files; then a quick optional trip into PS just to add a tiny tiny bit of grain to smooth some highlights from the excellent Alien Skin plugin (BTW--they're take on Provia looks a lot like this too!).

Here we go:

And here's the next

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