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Congratulations on another B&W interpetation with LZ! This software seems born to go with M8 files. Unfortunately Aperture is not ready for Leica DNG nor is Bibble or SilkyPix, TTBOMK.

Here, Uwe has concentrated a lot on the tonality of the water fountain itself, something which Fabio made secondary to his wonderful work with the leaves and dual toning in yellow and brown of his B&W version.

We can see that there's a lot of information in the dark brass tones that have been brought out in this case by Lightzone.

With no bench, the image is simpler and that is a matter of the artists eye and looking at this scene as if from a window and frankly not liking the bit of bench and therefore getting rid of it as we don't have the option of changing one's position ex post facto!

I believe we all do this when we look at our own images on the screen. We, in a way, can reconsider our orginal intent with the brilliance of the LCD display acting as a window to the world again.

Now some of us will never crop or remove things. I respect that. I too try my best to include or exclude everything in the single shot. Often, I cannot do this.

In this case, getting rid of the bench does change the meaning of the picture. That is what's interesting about our different approaches, the relationships between our separate visions of exactly the same thing.

Making art involves embedding thoughts and emotions into the form we present to others.

With each version I see of this image, I learn something new about the process.

Thanks Uwe for your work.

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