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Default Images by Stephen Teitelbaum NY

This is my rendition of the raw files converted in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom beta v 4.1.
Resizing and unsharpmask applied in PSCS for posting on the web
After viewing the initial rendition by LR I came to the opinion that the images were possibly taken in very dull overcast conditions. The exif camera data and the almost complete lack of any shadows prompted my thoughts. I did the following to create what I believe would have been the visual effect had I been there.
Reduced exposure by .25; .50; .33; respectively.
Adjusted WB by reducing the tint from as shot -26 to -15.
Made slight tonal adjustments using the curves sliders.
Appied a small increase in vibrance and saturation using the sliders.
Sharpening and NR at the Lightroom default.

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