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Originally Posted by Don Lashier
Maybe that helps explain why I ended up choosing "linear response" in both my "C1 only" conversions. I rarely do this (usually using the "film standard" curve) unless the image has a large proportion of highlight and/or shadow. The sky of course was good reason for the one shot but still preferred linear response for the other also.

- DL
Don, I've also been finding myself heading towards "linear response" with a lot of C1 converts of the M8 lately too.

The M8 tonal range is such that I'm writing my own curves for this thing, and more often than not (with faces, anyway) they resemble a modified the "inverted hockey stick" curve I first saw on your site (what? Years ago now...). I'm actually lowering contrast to "fit all the tonal details" in the conversion.

In other words, the inverse compression I'm doing with these files is amazing: there's so much detail and tonal range that you really don't want to just roll them up in a regular "film curve."

Hope that makes sense. I'm still new at working with these M8 files and finding them pretty surprisingly dynamic.
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