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Default Does politics matter or just "good" versus evil

How should we view the rise in hate groups and the "splits in our society as shown by the arguments between politicians.

Imagine strolling with ones friends and family in London, Nice, Barcelona, Baghdad or Charlottesville and then a vehicle plows through your loved ones and they are dead or injured!

The "talking heads" on TV each night, repeat about how divided the USA is. No doubt this is repeated the world over. But I think this is not true. The apparent important division that "seems" to be important is between political parties. But this is really just another schism of the minds of the population that is really no more important than the sports fans supporting the Boston Redsox versus the Dodgers! Really it is quite bizarre to consider the almost "hereditary" support for such "tribes" in our societies.

I have a different view. I see most folk here as good and generous. An example is here in the USA. Yet there is a small, but real and seemingly growing faction, (of mostly lower education level working class men), who are getting motivated, encouraged and supported in overt expression of evil racism, glorifying the wicked practices of the Southern sleeve states.

So to me there is only good and evil. Very simple, there is no grey area. If you don't respect the humanity of other people, you are evil!

Massacre of civilians is always evil. Most ordinary folk, everywhere in all parts of the world, however, no matter race or religion, are compassionate kind and generous!

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