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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
Outbreaks of xenophobia may or may not be created by the people who manipulate the masses,
Absolutely right. Sort of an accumulation of sedimentary and volcanic layers on the ocean floor. Groups of convicted, already marginalized youth in from excluded communities in big Western cities succumb to the preaching of radical preachers, in person or on smuggled tapes. Next stage is brotherhood and a chance of being a valid, valued soldier in a mission that is greater than they ever imagined they could be part of.

Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
Whomever these peoples or these separate groups of people are. It is used, as it is a powerful way to manipulate the masses further, but it is not necessary explicitly created by them. I believe so, because I cannot find a reason for them to play with the fire (while there was a reason in the early 20th century: fear of communism). I could well be wrong, of course.
OTOH, there is a strong correlation between hardship and xenophobia. We, humans, welcome the foreigner in times of abundance, but quickly turn to war in times of harship. Both in Europe and in the USA, there is a strong correlation between poor job perspectives and support for the new, "alternative" right wing politcs. In that sense, xenophobia would simply be a correlation of politics which concentrate even more riches into the hands of the happy few and let vast segments of society destitute.
For sure, Jerome, xenophobia is one of the most common currents leaders look for to exploit and fuse with their own schemes!

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