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Originally Posted by Dave See
Who amongst you runs Free/Open Source Software--like David Coffin's dcraw--or FOSS applications on Linux or some other FOSS operating system?
I run Cygwin as a command line shell (this made Windows 2000 a viable platform by circumvenint MSFT's retarded shells). I use Subversion for version control (mostly code and a small number of images). I have MySQL running (and other DBs).

I like many FOSS apps and tools, but when it comes to images, FOSS sucks. No color management, 16-bit support sucks, RAW conversion is inconvenient for art (I want WYSIWYG not a command line), .... The tools are simply not there and I do not see a group of programming geeks with a socialist leaning taking the time to produce the tools that meet my needs for nothing when they cannot even produce a usable desktop shell to compete for the desktop space as they all tend to require training or a geek to use productively without breaking stuff.

This is not to say that a *nix server farm is not viable (I prefer *nix servers to Windows servers). But my desktop shell will run on an OS that supports the apps that meet my needs so I can work on photography and not programming.

You might look into ImageJ which should be technically viable if ackward to use (it is aimed at medical imaging IIRC). Albeit, ImageJ is not FOSS, it is public domain (no license whatsoever).

Art is simply someplace that FOSS and OSS simply fail and tools that interupt the artistic process are not particularly valuable IMO.

In short, I regularly use FOSS, but not for imaging as it simply is not on par with the proprietary tools and the last I checked it was not on par with decade old proprietary tools.

all the best,

Sean (who does actually like FOSS, but only where it works better for him)
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