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I too was a dedicated Linux user and tried dcraw. Then ran Windows programmes using Crossover Office, for Raw conversion (C1Pro, BreezeBrowser) and editing (PS 7), but found:

not colour managed, not 16 bit
GIMP printing was difficult and unsatisfactory, and does not support the latest Epsons (4800 and 9800)
my productivity seemed to drop seriously due to wrestling with technical issues such as unfriendly software, compiling a new module, and "dependency hell"

However, Bibble Pro and Lightzone (beta 2.0) run on linux ...

I now run a dual boot box using LZ, C1Pro, BBPro, Qimage and CS2 on Win2K, lots of backups, and the linux system (Kubuntu) to make backups to a linux-formatted disk (paranoid ?) Productivity is high, and no plans to upgrade any software at this time.

My main concern is, as mentioned, above that new software requires a more modern OS, and that software which runs on Win2K (RSP) is bought out by big players and incorporated into products such as CS3 which require a newer and expensive OS. Is this the future for LZ ?

So I am enjoying a fast and stable system and will be reluctant to change unless there are compelling reasons.

It puzzles me that the various Mac OS's are variants of unix and are colour managed, so it can be done. Is there no demand for a variant of Linux which is colour managed and supports new printers and friendly software ?


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