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Originally Posted by Tudor Caradoc-Davies
My main concern is, as mentioned, above that new software requires a more modern OS, and that software which runs on Win2K (RSP) is bought out by big players and incorporated into products such as CS3 which require a newer and expensive OS. Is this the future for LZ ?
Yes. All software will move forward with the development tools.

Originally Posted by Tudor Caradoc-Davies
It puzzles me that the various Mac OS's are variants of unix and are colour managed, so it can be done. Is there no demand for a variant of Linux which is colour managed and supports new printers and friendly software ?
SGI had/has it in Irix. Solaris once had a Kodak solution. This leaves me thinking the issue may be lack of demand. I think if a FOSS desktop shell were to be easily used by the average consumer then I think issues could be handled. Running GIMP on OS X or XP with a calibrated display should hopefully give you the OS'es standard color management and a dash or repeatability. But without the market or the tools already being there I cannot see it being a profitable venture.

I think FOSS does well with some programming tools (languages, servers, ...), but I just have not seen anything appealing from it in terms of accomplishing non-computer oriented goals. XP or OS X have the tools and their GUIs are way faster yielding a more productive experience. And productivity is what consumers want from computers. They do not want control, they want it to work.

some thoughts,

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