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Hi Rob,

Your use of the E3 and the live view option with the articulating screen is exemplary. There are a lot of images to consider! Generally up to 4 images of the same theme works well.

Yes, they are all interesting but it's tough to talk about over a dozen images which differ so much in form, texture, composition and mood. Moreover, the images have been processed so differently. Some appear to have altered colors, others are B&W!

So I will ask you to leave the images here but at the same time start several new tightly themed new threads to replace them, for example:
  1. B&W abandoned factory
  2. Macro of patina on old wall
  3. Reflections in industrial spaces

This would allow us to comment! Right now it's a major challenge to know how to weave one's way through this large and diverse set of images!


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