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Originally Posted by Juergen Koslowski View Post
Concerning the issue of flat-stitching: would it be feasable to mount the lens on a tripod, and then shift the camera? I don't know if the lens offers enough space for some kind of lens collar, and if weight would be an issue (just ordered my 5D Mark II).
Unfortunately there is no space on the lens that's not already occupied by a knob or lock/release knob or pin.

Maybe something for the guys at RRS to ponder, or for Rainer Burzynski in Germany.
While not exactly what you are thinking about, but RRS does have a solution that I used in the earlier stitches in this thread. Unfortunately it's a 2-step approach.

This is what I use for flat stitching, and it's not very bulky, so easy to travel with:

It consists of 3 basic components.
1. The MPR-192 multipurpose rail
2. The B2-FAB/mAS mini clamp package
3. MPR-B, pair: Two index stop bars

Operation involves sliding and locking the camera to one stop bar position, and shifting the lens in the opposite direction. Take a shot, slide and lock the camera to the other stop bar position and the lens in the opposite direction. You can preset the sliding distance by making a spacer of the desired width and place it on one side of the mini clamp package and tighten the miniclamps in position on both sides of the clamp+spacer. If one makes a spacer of 24 mm, then one can simply use the maximum + and - 12mm shift which works reasonably fast for landscape orientation shifts.

If this is the only type of stitching one does, then an MPR-113: 113mm Multi-purpose rail would suffice, because one only needs 90 mm of rail to lock everything into place. That is even more compact to transport.

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