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REQUEST FOR IMAGES In brief link images posted just for show and we'll host images for editing ONLY.

1. LIBRARY OF RAW FILES. For Processing: We need a series of RAW or high quality PSD JPG or TIFF files to assemble a library of files for the various image processors. This way, we all have the same starting point. Send whatever you wish to me at w84u at and we'll select a series that represent different kinds of work. Please don't send anything but an unprocessed JPG medium compression for any other posting. We will arrange to host our library of RAWs but otherwise we want you to use jpgs.

For our select RAW Library, we want contributions. These will be available for people to test various image processors and then post an 800 pixel wide jpg, medium compression. We need RAWS of everything from a Bride and Groom with a fantastic veil and complex white gown, landscapes, architecture, portraits of children, beauty, artistic figure, product, industrial to macro and more. We are looking for a total of about 10 select files at the most. Each must reperesent some processing complexity. When you submit the image insert "OPF RAW LIBRARY" in the Subject heading of your email. Send this to w84u "at"

2. For retouching: Tim Armes is in charge of this. We need images to get this going. Please help. Images that have faults or are otherwise damaged, the person has blemishes ot blown out features, the building is partly missing; anything that requires careful PS work. Tim has great plans for this Forum. It's up to us to make it work! Until we get an upload system working, for now, all images are linked to your server/website

3. Current challenges: Keep checking the updated first post above

To just show off in the "image post by topic" request 400-800pixels wide when just showing. LINK!

For other photography challenges requiring processing/retouching. Up to 1200 pixels wide ONLY for pictures that have to be processed. For local retouching/repairing, a 400 pixel wide total image is posted and then in addition a detailed crop ffor repair/retouch. We're sharing technics not running a retouch servicel! Until we get an upload system working, for now, all images are linked to your server/website

4. PM me that you've read this so I can see how effective this notice really is! I hate it when I don't get feedback!

Thanks ever so much,


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