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Originally Posted by Theodoros Fotometria View Post
I thought of sharing with you our superb wedding album which we make entirely in our lab in "Fotometria". We do share that with other photographers, but it's a limited production album, (we can only make 200 annually from which we need about 100 for our own customers) printed in fine art semi matte paper and then laminated with cold, matte lamination. The wooden cover, has real painting and the 20 60x40cm salons (40 pages of 30x40cm each) version costs 350euro (inc. VAT) (+16 euro for each additional salon up to 30).
Thanks for looking.....

What is a salon?

Do you have templates for the inside pages?

Can you show examples of the layouts?

Good to have inches too, as few folk in the use cm, although 10 cm is pretty well 10"!

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