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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

What is a salon?

Do you have templates for the inside pages?

Can you show examples of the layouts?

Good to have inches too, as few folk in the use cm, although 10 cm is pretty well 10"!

Hi asher, "salon" is what we call the whole 60x40 print which is then creased into two 30x40 pages... Please correct me if I use a wrong term (don't know what the term is in English).
We don't do the design for our pro customers Asher, this is the photographer's responsibility as it should, for our own customers, I use "DG photoart" to design the pages, but we design them from scratch, we don't use any of the available templates... Also, we are not responsible for the final design, we do that,under communication with the customer, because it's his own book and IMO has to be up to his taste! To tell you the truth, I don't like the way that most of our clients prefer the presentation... I would personally prefer a much more photographic approach with less effect filters that the customers usually prefer... but as I said: "it's their book"!
The 60x40 size is equal to 16x24 inches, we use fine art semi-matte paper for the prints, which we then laminate with matte cold photographic lamination, the cover is all handmade with wood which is then painted by one of the artists I do art reproduction for... the cost for the package is 350 Euros (inc.VAT) for 20 salons (40 pages), plus 15 euros for each additional salon... I think the quality of it is amazing... absolute top, it can be a real weapon in the hands of a good photographer to gain customers!

Thanks for asking Asher, the ones that are interest can contact us using the "contact" information in our sites.
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