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this means that Sinar will continue to adapt backs on its 4/5', and stop to develop MF-cams on its own, as they did for a good while - but without very big success... and I'm not to sure about the Hy6's future.

Sinar has for me - living some 200 k's away fom its factory, owned 5 of these cams.. - two chapters:

The first one is with the inventor, Carl Koch - he died nearly a year ago - who brought - in the mecanical, physical aera - Sinar into a leading position and reputation, through his knowledge, "bricolage" and never ending, time-consuming adaption of the basic cam for the some new skills. There was a module-system, which allowed the photographer to adapt the cam to all needs. Perfect!

The 2nd. chapter starts with the Digi-aera, and its huge needs for ressources to develop a state of the at-cam. We shall not forget, that Sinar has been a family enterprise; and the analog -digi-transition is quite a huge step - for such a enterprise-structure. The Sinar-Handy, a beautifull cam, was given up, (I'm glad I kept one of these) meanwhile this would have been a very good entry to digital photography.

Sinar spend TONNs of money, to develop/adopt the sensors for the Sinar-cams; a good while ago, sort of every year, there was a newly developed back coming out. One of the problems was, that they were to fast for the market, not a lot of photographers were ready for the digi-transition.
One should not forget, that these backs were very pretty expensiv, the quality not really superior to 4/5', so not a lot of photographers changed the boat.

Later on, Sinar bought the chip-technology; to Kodak, they payed quite a reasonable cheque for beeing the only, getting the chip for the first year...

Meanwhile Sinar's PR didn't stopped the slogan: "We got it now " on each new backrelease, the photographers were disconcerted by the bunch of the releases. Then, they made some PR-bugs, saying, "you're not a pro photographer, unless you've the newest sinarback" which obviously was a shot in the own knee, as we all know....

Here, they switched the distributor several times, and the photographers were further away from the "factory, they were familiar".

In the Carl Koch aera, Sinar was a must here, now its' one of some possibilties...
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