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People worry too much about noise! I'm interested more in the cutout you have made.

Some ideas. Go back to your selection for the couple, if you saved it, and reselect and expand by say 6 pixels and then reselect from the original image and then use a mask to feather this edge, painting white or black, until you get the edge soft but complete.The other thing, before you even do that, blend back some of the original B&W image into your top B&W image to make changes less severe. Usually luminence will give you the best results.

I make changes optimal, then blend back to the unchanged trying to use the minimal possible, sometimes merely 3% of what I thought was "perfect" and sometimes up to 97%. However, the more you do, the better the final image.

A simple thing you can do is to just copy the final layer, select the edge (from both inside and outside say 15 pixels wide or even less) of the couple and blur then blend back say 10% to the final layer.

All curves need to be less than you might imagine you need! All then blended in one of the options in layers.

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