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Hi, Michael

Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post
I linked to the English version of the site. You can always click on the Union Jack to switch to English.
Here is my experience. I started with the site in its English mode, from your link.

I was first interested in reviews of the Asus PA248Q. I could not find it listed in the selection facility in the Monitors tab. So I put 'Asus PA248Q' in the search box, and got this page:

The various synopses of the parts of the PA248Q review were all auf Deutsch, and those links too be to German versions of the parts of the review.

I tried from the page I cited to click on the Union Jack, and it took me to the home page (in English, of course).

I will next try and find the PA248Q review (in English) using the parametric search capability.

Best regards,

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