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Originally Posted by Noel Greene View Post
However I have developed a sort of a market for very big images and I want to be certain that if I move to the 1Ds III that the quality will be as good as the MF/Velvia combination. So thank you very kindly for taking the time to answer me and be careful when hanging out of helicopters !!! Bon Soiree
Hi Noel
thanks for the kind words, always appreciated!
I too do large prints… with the 1dsMk2 see there and Now the 1dsMk3…
I have zero experience with MF film but "only" with the Sinar Hy6 and the Sinarback eMotion 75 lv… all I can say is that, beside of many other IQ adavantages for the Sinar, the resoltion and IQ is so amazing that big enlargements will be much easier than with the dslr…
In a perfect world, I need both the Canon and the Sinar… but if you use to shoot and sell MF and if you can afford the price, then go to the Sinar combo…
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