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Originally Posted by Bart_van_der_Wolf View Post
Hi Nicolas,

I understand. I know it's only 0.2 mm on both sides, but it's 1424 pixels worth of sensor surface
But seriously, who knows, it might lead to something interesting to discover when the Raw files get analysed.

Either Pentax is more honest than the competition, or Phase and Hasselblad took some other strategy (they both state their sensor has a few more image pixels, 8280 x 6208 pixels and 44.0 x 33.0 mm), than the Pentax. Maybe Pentax used some more non-imaging pixels (24 full height columns and 16 full width rows) at the edge for image calibration? Could it be used for the claimed higher ISO, is there noise reduction taking place before RAW data is written? Food for thought ...

Hi Again Bart
I don't know who is more honest among Ricoh/Phase/Hasselblad, but I would be very amazed that the sensors aren't the exact same units…
Maybe a track to follow, Pentax wrote (

Image capture unit
Image Sensor Type: CMOS with a primary color filter, Size: 43.8 x 32.8 (mm)
Effective Pixels Approx. 51.4 megapixels
Total Pixels Approx. 52.99 megapixels
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