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Originally Posted by Don Ferguson Jr. View Post
Well as I said above white supremacist have not hijacked it and the flag was used prior to the Civil War as well. I wonder if there would have been such an uproar to take it down ? I was thinking about it in that context. So you have never seen it ?

I've seen it before. But that was in my study of "Gone with the Wind", years ago with a references to the "Bonnie Blue"

White supremecists are not the real issue. The victims' families in South Carolina, having no time or place for hatred, have forgiven them, and so these nutcases, for now, can be removed from the top of the news. Trust me, I am not ignoring them, but they are not the issue.

Rather its the pervasive gauntlet of symbology and attitude that blacks have to face growing up in the entire USA.

We gave reparation to the families of interned, (ethnically Japanese), citizens of the USA during the war. We apologized to them.

We must do the same to the blacks!

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