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Originally Posted by charlotte thompson View Post
I don't look at the flag as a symbol of racism. It's just another Southern flag to me. As are people of any race or color just another human being to me!
from " the examiner .."Attacking the Confederate battle flag is a way to avoid the real issue that Roof’s massacre has brought into focus, that being the treatment of the mentally ill. In a strange way, by going after the banner that flew over Gettysburg and Shiloh, the politicians are fulfilling Dylann Roof’s desire to restart the Civil War, albeit without more gunfire. I
Too think the same…

It's an error to conflate the killer's nutcase attitude and politics with "mental illness" or else we no longer will be recognizing criminality, just untreated mental disease. Here the particular eruption of hatred didn't arise from some disorder of the mind. Rather it is an infectious attitude transmitted from like-minded racists. They communicate with one another, each reinforcing a need to deal with the "upstart" blacks threatening the supremacy of what they perceive as the "white race". This is a community. They may not eat together or actually meet in person, but to the extent that they look to each other for mutual support and strengthening of their resolve, they are working as a group and what tragically occurred, is actually the net result of the "voltage" to which each of them separately mutually gives to their cause. Eventually, some individual can no longer sit quiet and allow the status quo, the perceived existentional threat to their "race", continue unchallenged.

So, out of pressing utterly "logical" necessity, a lone cognitive individual, (actually representing that actually disparate, (and almost anonymous), peer group), acts! This provides a loner with an opportunity to transform, in one stroke, from an unimportant, unfulfilled lonely single male, to a significant hero of the "movement". Sacrificing oneself to save society, is, after all, biblical and typically, these fellows have some strong, albeit, dysfunctional connection with religion.

So it's important to exclude mental illness and ideas of a "lone wolf" behavior as explanations for the murder of nine blacks in a bible study group in a South Carolina Church. Neither of these are anything but dismissive ways of addressing an pervasive distaste, bumpy some Whites towards Blacks throughout the USA, that, in a small subsection our populace, will eventually lead to tragedy!

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