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Default Your favorite picture to represent you in the Catalog and by postcard!

B]Post cards: Price reduce from $150 to $107:20[/B] for 500 cards to be printed 4 color one side and B&W, the other. They will be 4x6. The image will be limited to 4x5 and 1" will be for the Gallery One Log and the dates of the Exhibition.

Please, even if you have told me already, remind me which picture you have chosen to represent your artistry.

I can make up to 10 cards total for 11 photographers, so there is only one each. Nicolas Claris is bringing his own materials.

Please email
  1. One file to fit 4"x5"at 300 pixels/inch 16 BIT Adobe RGB. If you have already sent the file, remind of the date and PM or email. I can receive up to 20MB in one email.
  2. Another edition of that picture at 1200 pixels wide, Adobe RGB, 16BIT, for your place in the Photo Contemporary Catalog

Otherwise send via or
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