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Default Panorama Robots: Gigapan and's Orion/Merlin based Panohead.

Today I received a brand-new package from Gigapan. The Gigapan Epic Pro, which has really come of age, even in the packaging! The box arrived in a box and inside it is well packed and already totally assembled save charging the battery.

There are three versions of the Gigapan robotic Panorama head to choose from.
  • The Epic: for small digicams.

  • The Epic 100: for bulkier digicams and lighter weight DSLRs

  • The Epic Pro: A heavy duty version for DSLR's like the Canon 1D and 5DII or the Nikon, Olympus, sony, Pentax flagship cameras.

I had the honor of beta testing an earlier version. It appears that a lot of the discovered shortcomings have been handsomely dealt with. The base is solidly attached with no apparent wobble, as far as I can determine. The platform which holds the camera has been refined. The attachment for the camera is to a platform which moves fore and aft with nicely marked measurements so that one can potentially reposition a particular camera reasonable accurately.
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