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Default To Go Swiss or not?

Luckily for my preferences, one of my requests has been answered. So I will imagine I can take at least partial credit, LOL! The base plate of the platform that holds the camera can be swopped out for a custom Arca Swiss style base plate manufactured especially for this by Really Right Stuff. so of course, there was a little parcel that arrived from RRS and I set about to switch out the base plates.

Be warned. There's no allen wrench provided. don't make the mistake and go for your set of allan wrenches from your tool boxes. For this you need a metric set. It turns out that a 3mm size is perfect.

If you are equipped totally with Arca Swiss dovetail mounts fro your L brackets and everything else, then this is a great idea. however, if not, just use the updated Gigapan base platform as is and you will likely be happy.
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