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Default And then there's the Merlin derivative from!

Vive La France!!!

The contribution of the French team in giving us AutoPano Pro, AutoPano Giga and Auto Pano Tour are masterful labors of gathering modules from great developers and integrating everything into well designed unified software packages. Parts of the software then have lineage to many people.

So, to be fair to the field and to readers, it's important to also show off the now well regarded Astro robot, Merlin and dedicated tethered control. The software is derived from an open source collaborative effort of Merlin users who love panorama photography.

SEE BELOW POST #14 FOR UPDATE ON THE KOLOR PANOHEAD now sells this mature dedicated robot as an integrated packed for as low as:

Excl. Tax: 499.00
Incl. Tax: 596.80

I look forward to using and reviewing this pano head. I love the idea of total control tethered or wireless so one can get some rest during long tedious shoot!

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