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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
No matter how we view the perpetrators, the source of the basic tenets of modern civilization, Paris, France ���� Is under attack! The ideas, intents, oratory, blood lost and heroism gave us, "Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite" and thus "The Rights of Man" in a Republic, free of the dictatorship of princes and religion, but delivering freedom of, to and against worship, as we ourselves choose.

There is much pain today and no doubt more to come. However France ���� is resilient and strong. The community of Parisiens has now grown to cover the globe.

We salute Paris and France and mourn the victims. Right now we must pray for the skills of the doctors and nurses and the healing power built into our bodies and souls that they will recover fully.

I spoke to my Muslim friend in Pakistan and he said "Daish is not us!" We must remember that distinction. I spoke to my friend in Bulgaria, she was crying all day for the horror brought to the center of wisdom, logic and humanity, the streets of Paris!

"ISIS may be a perversion of Islam, but Islamic it is" Is it important for me to acknowledge this distinction? Does it matter in the overall scheme of things, is it important for me and others to know this? Would it be dangerous to just ignore this or is it just a futile debate?
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