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Default AF Micro-Adjustment tool

Hi folks,

Having acquired my 1Ds3 (wow, what an amazing tool), and having spend some time getting used to the controls and menu layout, I decided to calibrate my lenses using the AF micro-adjustment feature. I can tell you, it makes a huge difference in focus accuracy and repeatability.

I've made a simple tool to assist in the procedure, and you can download it here. It should be displayed on an LCD screen a 100% zoom setting (so at native size).

It works by exploiting the interference patterns or moiré between the R/G/B LCD elements and the camera's LCD elements when directly viewed with Life View. With good optics and perfect focus, the moiré is maximized. Depending on shooting distance, choose the Life View zoom setting (full, 5x 10x) that shows it best. When the situation permits, you will see larger R/G/B aliasing of the LCD elements. You'll also notice how narrow the field of focus is, especially with lenses that react strongly to small focus ring rotations.

This is my first version of the target, therefore I may update it with some other features, also depending on feedback. So let me know if it works for you, or what might help to make it better.


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