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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
At long last! I was wondering when you had reached 20% enrichment with you secret projects and would come out of your bunker and break radio silence! Welcome to the world above ground. We all survived by do still need you!


I'd use live view for the focus where possible. With the 24-105 t seems to work well with focusing and then zooming out to take the shot. The movement of the magnified area is not fluid enough for me.

So you would use a matt screen. Which one? Then you see re calibrate focus confirmation via Micro adjust to 2.8. What exactly do you mean by that? What's your procedure? Does that not impact the rest of the AF adjustment too?

Asher, not quite out of the bunker yet, funny you use that term, one of main clients is a MOD supplier, purchasing custom carbon fibre tripods for IED jammimg hardware.

I'm using the E-g-s matte screen and do find it better for focussing by eye, albeit a tad darker.

The focus re-calibration is on a per lens basis (micro adjust) and only for the Zeiss 85. I use a slanted rule and flat target set ~2m with live view to optimise the green dot confirmation for f/2.8.
The Zeiss 85mm is factory set to work with the green dot at f/5.6. I pull this forward by +13, this enables the green dot to confirm ~30mm forward of the factory setting.

Ken, I must put this weight into context, I have been using short canon zooms (16-35 & 24-70) and the individual Zeiss lenses are indeed lighter. However, having three or four in my bag to cover the same focal lengths, I have to agree with you.

As for AF, my eldest lad is an award winning cinematographer, he has totally embraced the new breed of video capable dSLRs for independent film making and finds the MF on most AF lenses to be highly inaccurate, fiddly and somewhat restrictive (helical throw) for his needs.

I know this maybe of little relevence, but i've lost count on how may times I receive "Dad, can I use your Zeiss 35mm"

For my needs, I'm not finding the lack of AF an issue, OK for birding and wildlife, I would be the first to admit that AI-Servo is a must have, but for travel/landscape work, I really dont feel disadvantaged.
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