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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
Hi Eric
please do not forget I have this lens since one day only… And I am on y way to figure a workflow that fit me.
This shot was not on tripod (had no time for this) It is a tricky place to shoot, not like an outdoor sunny place!
My choice of using 200 iso was certainly not the best one as I had to have a too long exposure time (as camera was not mounted on tripod).
I also have to find a better way, so I agree with you on that point, to sharpen these files, the're so different from Canon's…

I'll post another picture where the definition is much better (in the night shot thread)
I'm looking forward to it as I want to evaluate if its worth upgrading my 6008 AF to a Hy6 or not - I know what the lenses can do, but not the Sinar back or the in camera features such as metering.

In my samples I used the default sharpening with C1 which might be too much as well. Anyhow you did okay for 1/4 second hand held. That's hard to do.

For everyone reading the thread, what this is highlighting is that medium format takes more light and a higher number f/stop (smaller actual aperture) to achieve the same DOF as with 35mm DSLRs. Combine that with the fact that MFDB like low ISO and you'll see its much harder to work with MF. But the results can be really impressive when everything comes together.

Eric W. Hiss
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