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Default Leap of Faith - Opened A Gallery

Hello OPF Gang,

I haven't posted here much, but have been a big fan of what Asher has done with this site. I met Asher (by phone) a year ago when he called me one Saturday afternoon. We had never met, but we did manage to talk on the phone for well over an hour. In many ways Asher has been an inspiration since then.

I am a fine art photographer and on March 1st I opened my own gallery in Marshall Michigan. My lovely wife still thinks I'm nuts, but life is too short not to chase your dreams. I have dreamed about owning my own gallery for sometime and at age 52 I felt it was now or never. Now won and I said goodbye to the financial services profession. I have sold my work via my website and through other galleries and wanted my own place. Along with my photography I have given 25 other artists the opportunity to display and sell their work in a fine art gallery.

Although the gallery has only been open for 3 weeks, it has already been quit a journey. Here are before and after images.

I put the gallery together from start to finish in three weeks and we had 300 people attend the opening.

If you are in the Marshall area be sure to stop by the gallery. I am open Monday - Saturday from 10am -6pm. Check out the website at

Best regards,
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